20. A Lonely Being

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I and Melanie were in our room after nightfall. Melanie was ironing some of her clothes while I was folding up mine and putting them back in my small wardrobe. I think I was in need of good clothes because all of my clothes now looked frayed, even the colors were fading. I was planning to ask Matt's permission to go for shopping or else soon I would have nothing good to wear.

"What's your plan for the weekend?" Melanie inquired.

"No plans." I replied while putting the pile of my clothes inside the wardrobe.

She stopped ironing and gave me a disbelieving look, "Seriously Sanaya, I've been observing you and you seem so weird. I've never seen you going out of this mansion. Are you introvert or what?"

I hated lying to her when she was so nice, so helpful to me. Rubbing my temple, I sat on my bed, "I don't have many friends and few of them already left for college to different cities, so I don't talk to them much."

She turned off the iron, dragged a wooden chair and sat in front of me. Her grey eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the room, "I can totally feel you. I've lost almost all of my high school friends for the same reason and believe me, I miss them so much."

Melanie had thick red curls, cascading down her back, small lips and average height. Most of the time, her hairs were piled up on the top of her head when she wore a uniform Andrew had given to her. At the night time, she untied them and put them on her back.

"That's how life moves on." I said.

"But, you should not waste your youth in just earning money. You need to have a life. Money is important, but it shouldn't be the only important thing in your life." She was sounding like an elder sister.

"Yes, Miss Melanie, I'll remember that." I responded sarcastically.

"Let's hang out with me this weekend." She suggested.

I immediately shook my head, "No, I can't."


I scoffed, "Today, you're asking so many questions."

"I'm sorry for being nosy. I just wanted to hang out with you." Her small lips curved downward.

I want that too. I abstained myself from replying her and chose to remain silent.

"I know there're things you're hiding, but I won't force you to tell me, but remember that you can consider me one of your good friends." She gave me her contagious smile before walking out of the room.

I thought I'd made a new friend, but it was not the case. I couldn't return the friendship she was offering because of my dark secret that I had been trying to hide from her. I was keeping my distance.

I opened my room's door and about to step out when I saw Katherine was standing there. Her hand was in the air as if she was about to knock the door. Lifting my brows for a moment, I came out of the room and closed the door behind. Her face looked stiff. Her presence here in the staff's quarter could be risky and doubtful for the workers.


"Why are you living here?" She asked in a demanding tone.

"Sorry to say this, but it's not the right place to talk. Your staff will find it odd that you came here for me." I was just trying to keep my promise that I made with her husband. I wanted to keep myself away from anymore problems.

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