34. Persistent Dizziness

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Since young age, I wished to have a loving family, as it was the only thing I missed out. I wanted to experience family and family love.

I could not change my fate about being an orphan, but still I had a chance to fulfill my wish, like creating my own family, loving them and receiving love in return. Now, through such a devastated marriage experience, I thought that my wish would never come true. May be, I was just unlucky in this matter.

After attending my regular class, I hastily walked towards the college restroom. Surprisingly, it was empty. I was the only one there.

I looked myself in the mirror and noticed the prominent bags under my eyes. My face looked pale. The persistent stress was not letting me sleep peacefully. And that dizziness had become regular and I was still not sure about the reason behind it.

I heard the sound of door opening and saw through the front mirror that Abigail and Eleanor entering into the restroom while giggling to each other. I ignored them and pushed up the water tap of the sink.

"Look, who's here. A dumbo, who was acting like a hot celebrity at Amelia's party." Abigail laughed at me.

I rinsed my face and then hands, looking them through a mirror.

Eleanor chuckled, "Right, Babe. I just don't get it why that crispy looking, mouth-watering man was with her?"

If they were trying to make my blood boil, then, they almost succeeded. I closed the tap, turned around and frowned at them, crossing my arms.

Abigail shrugged, "I don't know. Let's ask her."

She took a step closer to me, "Hey, dumbo, is whoring around a part time thing for you? Did he pay you?"

I was not a type of person who responded to every dog that barks. I was not short-tempered. But these days, I remained annoyed most of the time. There were a lot of things going on in my head right now, like; what if Ashar and Samara had started sharing the same room?

I narrowed my eyes at them, but didn't respond to them, instead muttered angrily, "Get out of my way."

"Not a chance." Eleanor said, "We want his contact information, slut."

I rolled my eyes, "Who is acting like a desperate whore now?"

"You've got a big mouth. But, girl, accept it, you're no match for him. Go for someone who matches with your level." Abigail burst into laughter.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't take her words seriously. I guessed this was the only reason Ashar and his family despised me.

But, my feelings were sincere for him. I fell for his charms, his comfort, his smile, the chill-feeling he gave me every time he touched me and damn, those pair of blueberry eyes that looked at me intensely, piercingly, like they wanted to say something to me.

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