27. His New Side

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Let me know what is going to happen about Ashar and Sanaya's married life? Will they end up accepting each other or break the marriage? I want to know what you're thinking.

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Patricia just stared at Ashar and didn't ask anything. I was grateful of that because I didn't know how I would've introduced him to her.

I told Ashar everything about how mother ended up at the hospital. As surprising as it sounded, he went to meet with a doctor to ask about Mrs. Smith's present health condition. Meanwhile, I tried to persuade Patricia to go home and take rest for few hours.

"No Sanaya, I won't go anywhere or eat anything until mother get better." She argued stubbornly like a kid.

I grasped her shoulders, forced her to look at me, "Patricia, listen to me. Just go home and take rest, you've school tomorrow. Mother won't like it if she knew you skipped school. And besides, I'm with her."

I could see the dried tears around her eye lids. She shook her head in negative, "No, I don't want to leave her. Please Sanaya, let me stay here."

"No." I uttered.

She lowered her gaze on the floor, not arguing with me anymore, but still reluctant to listen to me.

"Come back tomorrow after school." I relaxed her brunette hair through my fingers which were all over her face, removed the wrinkles from her top and pushed her slightly the other way.

She turned around and started walking towards the elevator.

"Don't worry about anything." I said aloud to her.

After she left, I also thought to get out of the hospital building for some time and fill up my lungs with fresh air. The smell of medicine and hospital's environment was suffocating me. And the sick patients, some covered in the blood spinning my head and making me disconsolate. I didn't want to lose hope about mother.

I walked out of the hospital and observed that people were standing in groups and talking. Medical staff was going in and out of the building. There were three ambulances were parked just besides the entrance door. The hospital also had a front yard garden within its premises where few copper colored benches were placed.

I ambled to them and sat on one of the empty benches. I slipped my feet out of the yellow sneakers and moved my legs up on the bench. I hugged my knees and just sat there, observing people who were moving around.

Mother's memories, her croaky voice, her smile began crossing my mind, moistened my eyes. All her life, she was generous and virtuous. She knew how to spread love, how to comfort orphan kids who were left behind by their wicked parents. It was so unfair and heart-shattering to see her suffering. My heart trembled at a thought of losing her.

The tears that were cascading down my face fell on my pants and soaked it.


I moved my head to my side and saw Ashar was sitting beside me, offering my phone to me.

Ugh. I totally forgot about him that he was here and went to meet with a doctor.

I immediately wiped all my tears and moved my legs down and looked at him confusingly.

"What? I'm returning you your phone. You'll need this."

Wordlessly, I accepted my phone and moved my eyes in the opposite direction because I felt uncomfortable as I remembered his words that he said me to last time. I didn't know why he was here. I didn't expect him to.

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