31. The Cold-Hearted Brute

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The sun had risen. I found out about it when the weak rays of sunlight flickered through the large window and teased my eyes. I was laying motionlessly on the middle of the large bed of the room.

Ashar was right. I was a foolish, stupid and amateur teenager. He showed it to me last night.

This was the first time in my life, when I felt suicidal. I was so ashamed of myself that I couldn't face anyone anymore. Ashar took advantage of my emotionally weak state. He offered me comfort and I thoughtlessly accepted without caring about the aftermath of my choice.

I left his room in the middle of the night before he could wake up and spent the rest of the night in other room; the room which the family gave to me and I didn't accept it.

I was unable to face Melanie right now, that's why, I chose to stay here because I wasn't sure if I could be able to hide the truth from her.

I assumed that he had some sort of romantic feelings for me and that's how, I made this disastrous marriage a lot more complicated and worse.

In the middle of the night, my eyes fluttered opened. I looked around and recalled that I was not in my room. After a moment, the flashbacks of last night replayed in my head, left me smiling.

I moved my head and saw Ashar was snoring. He had entangled his body with mine. I tried to move his arm that was wrapped around me and turned on my side and faced him.

His sleep got slightly disturbed, but he became relaxed again within seconds. He didn't move his arm from me, but just loosened his grip. I touched the light brown freckles around his nose with my finger, observed his long lashes. They were kissing his skin just underneath his eyes.

My lips slowly turned upward as I recalled how his kisses set my heart on fire. This was crazy, wild and new for me. He took me to a totally different world.

I got lost into him completely that I couldn't stop myself and gave in my virtue to him.

"Ashar." I mumbled, brushing my finger on his cheek.

"Hm." He hummed.

I got surprised.

"I think...I'm falling for you." I whispered.

I smiled to myself. I didn't know that I would grow feelings for him. Now, I wanted to give this marriage a try.

"Stop it, Samara. You know I hate it when you say that." He said groggily, turning on his other side.

"Go back to sleep." He muttered slowly.


He said Samara's name, right?

Did he mistook me as Samara and slept with me?

Reality hit me like a slap on my face. I got pale as I thought more on the possibility. During his sleep, he was thinking about Samara. He was thinking that she was sleeping beside him.

My heart constricted in my chest as I realized that he was thinking about other woman. I felt my head spinning. I hurriedly got out of his bed, and put my clothes on. Tears gathered in my eyes. I covered my mouth with my palm to stop myself from making any sound and hurried out of his room.

I heard the loud knock on the door that pulled me out of that dreadful memory. I reached for the door and opened it.

Ashar burst into the room and closed the door behind. He was in last night's clothes. I turned myself the other way, unable to look into his eyes.

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