36. The Heir

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For those who are thinking that story is leading to be a typical one, I understand that. Maybe, it is resembling to the cliches, but I would suggest you to wait for few more chapters, Sanaya is about to take a very strong decision. Stay tuned, readers!

Anyways, this chapter is a bit longer than the previous ones. 

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Later on, Matt Hobsons explained everything to me in detail about their long wait for the heir of Hobsons enterprise. One of the reasons of Ashar's marriage with Samara was for the grandchildren.

Ashar's elder brother, Austin Hobsons was failed to fulfill their wish due to his wife's infertility. It had been six years since their marriage, but Ashar's sister-in-law was unable to conceive. That's when, an idea popped up in Matt's mind to force Ashar for the marriage in order to get legitimate heir or heirs for their family business.

Since I was able to end their long-wait, Ashar's parents wanted me to keep the baby regardless of their doubts about his father. However, when I asked him what about Ashar, what if he would not accept me or the baby?

Well, he was failed to answer my question and asked me to wait till the birth of the child.

And, what about me?

What was my decision about this?

My decision was not yet decided; whether I was ready for that or not. I was feeling so numb about the entire pregnancy situation and then, Ashar's attitude that I was being indecisive.

"I'm not sure if I'm yet ready to consider your solution." I said to Ashar's father, "Ashar won't accept me as his wife. What if he would reject the baby as well?"

My throat became sour at my own words.

I was still in Matt's office. His wife left the room, though, because she had an appointment with someone.

"Ashar is quite mad at you, not only you, but to everyone. He wants a divorce." He mused.

Yeah, I knew how impatient he was to go back to his childhood love.

"But, you see, I've waited for years to see my grandchildren, so, I can't listen to him. You're able to fulfill my wish and for that, I'm thankful to you."

"Er..." I didn't know what to say.

"Sanaya, you'll be treated respectfully from now. Aaron won't be following you around. No one will spy on you anymore. However, Aaron will be there to drive you to college and bring you back here." Matt smiled at me.

That was unbelievable. He was being a entirely different person.

"So, you don't take me as a threat now?"

"No, not anymore. It's been a while since you changed my opinion. Aaron reported me about your daily activities. And I wouldn't want to mistreat the woman anymore who will let me see my grandchild." He explicated.

I was taken aback at his words. When did he become so nice and understanding?

Some of the weight from my shoulders was slightly lifted when I got to know that I became successful in clearing my name. At least, one person was able to believe me now that I was not a fraud.

"What about Ashar?" I crossed my arms.

"Even if he chooses to marry Samara after the DNA result, you'll be allowed to live in this house to raise the kid, not as a wife of Ashar, but as a mother of the heir of Hobsons enterprise. And I guarantee you; you'll be treated as a family member not as an outsider."

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