21. The Stupid Assignment

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Two whole months passed, but nothing changed for me. No one from the family bothered to talk to me about the matters concerning my release. I only saw them going and returning back to the mansion. Through Melanie, I got some updates about Ashar like he only came to this house for a day or two and then left for business trips or for some other business related stuff. She also caught Samara and Ashar arguing few times so I guess things were still same between them.

I didn't see Ashar after that swimming pool lounge unexpected meeting. He was acting like I don't exist at all. If he wanted to act this way then why was he caging me here? Just let me go!

I knew nothing about my divorce. No one gave me any update regarding it. I just lived my day and night with hopeless thoughts as if this phase of my life was just never ending. But anyways, something good happened. My college started. I found a good distraction so I kept myself busy with assignments and college works. As Matt planned, Aaron took me to college and brought me back home. I thought with time, they would ease some restrictions on me, but I thought wrong. My moves and phone was still under surveillance.

College helped me forget those disturbing thoughts that corrupted my mind. I was happy about it. It was now easier for me to pass my days at the mansion.

"Your final assignment of this course is regarding your topic marketing strategy." The teacher announced.

I was right now in my class, listening to a lecture since past hour. I leaned forward on my chair and rested my face on my palms, feeling tired and annoyed after hearing my course instructor. He really had some sort of obsession for the assignments. In just two weeks, he gave us six assignments.

"Listen carefully and write everything down." He continued, "This assignment will decide whether you're going to pass my course or not."

What a hard head human being! I muttered under breath and started writing down the main points of the new college work.

"It's an individual task. No grouping or pairing is allowed. What you need to do is to approach a successful businessman or woman and ask him or her about the marketing strategy that he or she is using for his or her business. Set up your queries and confusions and ask them directly. The goal is to make you familiar with the modern marketing strategies." He explained, roaming his eyes around the class.

The students sitting there started chattering to each other as soon as he ended his speech, discussing how they were going to approach a business person. I remained puzzled the whole time because I couldn't think of a single person who was suitable for the instructed criteria.

"Tip to get a good grade," The teacher spoke, making all students silent again.

"Use your contacts and find a good business person. Student, who would come up with the most successful businessman or woman, would get a good grade. You'll get more information and more good advice with that person. Your deadline is two weeks from now."

I contorted my face in disbelief. He was being very demanding. The kind of business person he was asking won't be easily available because they are quite busy people and would not entertain a mere student.

"You'll give a written, detailed assignment in which you will highlight your analysis about their strategy and what you have learned from them, but for the evidence, you must record the interview in an audio or video format." After completing his speech, he stepped out of the classroom.

Other students started to follow him out, but I remained on my seat. I sighed in exasperation, closed my writing pad and put my head down on the desk in front. This was so hectic. People like me can't find a successful proprietor who has been confined in a house since few months. Sometimes these college tasks gave me a quite hard time.

My first idea was to take help from the people around me. Maybe, any of the students here would have connections to the business owners who would be ready to tell me about their marketing strategy.

And the second idea was....

Well, there was no second idea. The first idea was the one and only way to get my assignment done.

I immediately gathered my things and put them in my bag and sprinted out of the class. I began searching around the corridor to locate any familiar faces - my new friends to ask if they could help me.

After about half an hour of struggle, I found only two people who gave me some hope that they could arrange a meeting for me so my stress lessened a bit. I came out of the campus and saw Aaron was standing with his car, waiting for me. I sat at the back seat and he drove off the car.

I think, teachers don't usually think properly before giving us a task. This assignment was really stupid and definitely difficult to accomplish. What did he expect that I should go door to door to every proprietor's house or a company and ask can you give me your few minutes because I want to ask your marketing plan? Totally nonsensical!

I returned to the mansion and went straight to my room where I found Melanie was standing against the mirror and straightening her hair.

"Hey Sanaya, how was your day at college?" She turned around and passed a toothy smile to me.

"Don't ask. These assignments are the ugly part of studies. Where are you going, by the way?" I threw my bag on the bed and sat on a chair that was there.

"I'm going out with my friends. You tell what's your assignment this time? Maybe, I can help."

I mumbled drowsily, "I wish you could help."

"Tell me at least."

"I need to find a successful business owner and ask him or her few questions related to their marketing."

After applying purple lip color to her lips, she faced me, "It's the easiest assignment for you. Why are you worrying? Other students would be in trouble, but not you."

"How is it easy for me?" I closed my eyes and leaned back on the wooden chair.

"Babe, you're living in a house of billionaires. They are one of the most successful businessmen. Ask Ashar. He will surely help you. He's very friendly."

I snapped my eyes opened and looked at her in bewilderment. I doubted on her judgment right now because as much as I knew Ashar was far from being friendly.

"Are you crazy, Mel?"

"Why? What's wrong with this?" She slung her purse onto her shoulder.

"Never mind." I gasped.

"I gotta go, now. You should think more on my idea. It's the easiest way." She said and then hurried out of the room.

He didn't even endure to talk to me for few minutes and she was saying that Ashar would help me. It could not be possible even in a dream. I really hope I wouldn't have to consider Mel's suggestion. 


"Here. Take this. You've got few texts." Aaron came to me in the kitchen and gave me my phone back.

I took it from him and instantly checked through my inbox. The texts were from Liam; a guy I knew from college.

Sorry Sanaya, I couldn't arrange an interview for you because she is travelling. I hope you'll find someone else.

Great. Just fucking great!

I groaned aloud. My one hope now died down. I opened another text that was from Erica, who also gave me assurance that she would look for a business owner.

I've got one owner for you. But, he has just started his grocery store. He's new in the field. I hope it will work. Get back to me ASAP!

That damn teacher said that person had to have an established business. The beginners couldn't fall into this category. That's the problem that was making me worried that only small business owners or starters could be easily available. The rich, successful ones had tight schedules. They won't entertain the students.

My mind had already started giving me alerts that I was failing this course for sure. It was just my first semester in the college. I didn't know many people there who could cooperate with me and help me in my assignment.

I laid back on my bed because my head started pounding. I scrolled down my contact list and tried contacting few of my new friends.

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