Chapter 9

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"Told you it wasn't that long of a drive didnt i" Harry spoke poking his tongue out and pulling tongues at me whilst we got out of the car.

"Mhmm.. i guess you were right." I laughed which made Harry start laughing.

As we walked up to the restaurant we noticed there was a que, a que about the size to get to the front of a concert if you was standing.

I just hope that this isn't the restaurant, other wise we'll be waiting out here for hours.

And just to my luck that was the exact restaurant we were going.

"Harry how long are we gunna be waiting it's freezing out here." I asked pulling my jacket impossibly closer to my skin than ever to try and keep myself warm but obviously I had no use.

He didn't answer he just grabbed my hand and walked to the front of the que pulling me along by my wrist.

"Harry what are you doing? Your just gunna get us flung to the back of the que." Isn't that what usually happens when people try cutting the que?

Again he didn't answer just looked back at me laughed and turned back around to talk to the person on the door.

"Where's Jase?" he asked the person on the door who's name was, judging by his name tag, Matt.

'Matt' walked through to the back to get 'Jase' whoever that is.

And with that Matt and Jase, I assume, walks towards Harry and I.

Matt is a tall blonde guy,and Jase is a tall brown haired guy, But neither are taller than Harry.

"Harry!!" Jase says whilst wrapping Harry in a massive man hugs, while Matt on the other hand moves to go back to his spot on the door.

"Good to see you, haven't seen you in a while, oooohhh who's this you've brought? Girlfriend?" He winks and nudges Harry's arm with his elbow.

"Nope, just a friend is all, Kate meet Jason, Jason meet Kate" Harry says whilst gesturing from me to Jase, to Jase from me.

"Nice to meet you Kate, I'm Jason, Harry's uncle, but please do call me Jase."


My jaw drops, "Uncle?" Realisation kicks into me when Harry and Jase start chuckling and nodding.

"Oh my god I'm being so rude, I'm sorry. I'm Kate, it's nice to meet you too. I can't believe I've just done that, oh god I'm so sorry." I ramble feeling totally embarrassed.

"Hey don't worry, I'll take that as a complement actually, come on let's take you to our private booths" Jase says when he and Harry have stopped giggling.

"Let's go" Harry says following as do I.

"I'll get a waiter to you immediately, but for now I'm sorry but I have to get back to work." He apologises.

"Nonsense! We understand, thanks uncle J" Harry smiles.

"Bye Kate, bye Harry, lovely seeing you, I'll pop down to see the family soon, haven't seen them in a while." He smiles.

"Bye uncle, and yes you should, I've a strong feeling they'd like that considering now your back off your business holiday."

Jase smiles, "sure, will do." He says as he turns around to get us a waiter, but turns around and bends down to whisper into Harry's ear.

Harry's P.O.V

"Keep hold of her Harry, You've got a good one." He whispers so Kate can't hear.

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