Chapter 23

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As I'm waking up again, I feel a heavy weight being wrapped around my body and look behind me and see Harry cuddled into me with his arm wrapped around my waist and laying with no top on.


He's got so many tattoos.

"Harry" I nudge him to wake him up.

"I thought you was going to sleep on the couch" I giggle.

"Harry" I try again.

No response.

"Harry!" I practically shout making him snap awake.

"Shit what the hell happened?" He questions, rubbing his eyes.

"I thought you was going to sleep on the couch" I repeat.

"Yeah uh.. you started crying in your sleep and whining so I thought it'd be best for me to comfort you" he shrugs "I'm sorry"

That's actually so sweet.

"Oh uhm.. I don't remember crying, but thanks and don't be sorry if you was only trying to comfort me" I smile.

"What did you dream about?" He asks looking to his right to face me.

"I can't really remember, all I remember is that there was this gang after us and they shot one of us, but it wasn't me or you because you we're the one comforting me when I was sobbing because it hit them.. but I can't remember who the shot hit" I sigh.

"I had a similar dream" he groans.

"What was yours about?" I ask intrigued.

"Well basically we was running because there was about 30 people chasing the 8 of us and they were mainly after me and you.. and I don't know why, but then they shot someone and I jolted awake because you shouted me" he rolls his eyes.

"Do you think there's a gang after us Harry?" I ask concerned.

"I hope not" he mumbles.


I'm scared.

What if we can't face this gang because there's so many of them and so little of us?

"Hey" Harry says grabbing my chin and making me look at him "I'm not going to let anybody hurt you" he promises.

And somehow, I trust him and feel safe even with the situation we are in.


We are currently sitting in the living room watching re-runs of friends whilst eating a bag of Doritos and dips, that is until the door goes.

"Answer the door!" We hear the very familiar voice of my bestfriend.

"I'll get it" I say and stand up and walk over to the door.

I must of forgot my phone in the car.

"Hey Mia" I smile as I open the door to her.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She asks surprised.

"I forgot the key to your flat and I had your car because I had to drop Liam off at the airport" I explain.

"You know, I really should put a door key on my car keys" she laughs "and anyway.. how come your here?" She adds.

"Firstly, yes you should put a door key on your car keys and also you should give me a key" I laugh "secondly I'm here because Ha-" I'm cut off by Harry finishing my explanation off for me.

"She stayed because I was dropping Aleighsha off at the airport and I bumped into Kate as she was walking back to your car.. she offered me a lift home but I needed to go and pick something up from yours and then we couldn't get in because she forgot the door key and it was like 4am so I suggested she comes and sleeps at mine so she doesn't get frost bite" he shrugs.

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