Chapter 7

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After talking to Harry about the nightmares I have, that include that same man, and the boy across the room, who I assume is Harry since he has exactly the same nightmares as I have, we're now trying to figure out who the man in both our dreams could be.

Although up to now, we have hardly a clue who it is.

What does that man want with us both?

What have we done for him to be haunting our minds.

Obviously it's not just my imagination because Harry has the exact same dreams I have.

It's weird that when we both talked to each other about each of our nightmares we've had including that man, that Harry too has had all the same nightmares.

So obviously it's not just my imagination, it must be gods way of telling us to be careful, to look out, to protect eachother.

I know it sounds crazy me trying to protect Harry vise versa but seriously, I feel the need to protect him from that man even if I haven't know Harry that long.

"Hey.. you okay?" Harry says snapping me from my thoughts.

"Yeah, just thinking I suppose."

He leans forward and brushes a piece of hair behind my ear then looks me right in the eye "Hey, don't worry. I'll protect you at all costs, no matter what."

I smile although I don't know how he can be sure that he can "protect me at all costs no matter what" because it's really going to be hard to do that especially when neither of us know eachother that well either.

Nevertheless I know, that I'll protect him no matter what too.

"How can you be so sure Harry? it's not like we know eachother that well to protect eachother no matter what, although i do feel the need to protect you no matter what to be honest." I say assuringly.

"Because I know, that I'm going to be here for you now on to protect you no matter what Kate. And if you feel like we don't know eachother that well like we don't then, we should hang out a lot" he smiles.

It's cute that Harry wants to spend time with me and hang out with me a lot, because honestly I really wouldn't mind that either, he seems like a nice guy, of what I already know of him.

"Sure. I think that's a good idea to be fair." I smile back.

"Good, because your a nice girl you know Kate. I'd really like to spend time with you and get to know you a lot more."he smirks.

"Thankyou Harry. Yes i know what you mean. I think your a lovely guy and I'd really like to spend time with you to get to know you a lot more."which is true, because I really would like to spend more time with him.

"Yeah, I do." I nod in reassurance.

It's true, if me and Harry are going to work together to find out who the man in both our shared nightmares is then, we best get to know eachother.

"So come on,shall we watch a film? or go out somewhere? might as well get started on our bonding somewhere ey." he nudges my arm with his elbow winking then letting out a short giggle as I do the same.

"Sure. How about we watch a film then go out later maybe?" I ask.

"I'd like that. I'll take you for a meal later."he confirms.

"You don't need to take me for a meal Harry, you've already let me stop at your place for the night, I don't think it'd be fair for you to take me out for a meal aswell."

"No,please Kate, I insist! your no bother and anyway, I like spending time with you, and if we need to get to know eachother more then we should start somewhere, right?"he winks.

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