Chapter 14

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"Let me go you freak!" I mumble through his hand.

"Just be quiet, we need to talk" he laughs from behind.

"Make me" i scoff.

He takes his hand off of my mouth and turns me around and forces me back to be pushed up against the car,with neither of his hands no longer suffocating my mouth but pinning me in place against the car.

"You wanna tell me what your plan is?!" I huff.

He leans in, his breath brushing my ear.

"You know you love me" he whispers and behinds to kiss my neck.

"Let me go" I whine.

"No" he mumbles into the crook of my neck, as he carry's on kissing it.

"Just tell me what you want" I sigh.

"You" he whispers seductively into my ear and carry's on kissing all different places on my neck.

"Stop" I say, barely a whisper.

"No" he chuckles.

"Nate" I groan, when he kisses my soft spot.

"That's it baby" he mumbles in between kisses.

I try lifting his head up but it's no use.

"Nate" I say sternly trying not to show the effect he still has on me.

"You know you want me" he whispers.

"Let me go" I whine.

"Never" he lifts his head up smirks and then starts to kiss from my jaw all the way down to my neck once again.

"Nate" I moan.

"That's it baby" he chuckles and kisses my soft spot over and over again.

"Nate" I say, seriously.

"Just shut up Kate" he laughs "you know you want me" he mumbles and moves his head higher so his mouth is directly on my ear "you know you still love me" he whispers, sending shivers down my spine.



You know what he did to you last time.

I repeat to myself.

"Nate, stop" I barely shout.

"No" he says and carry's on kissing my neck.

"Nate!" I shout.
"Shut up" he laughs "don't play hard to get this time" he mumbles.

"I'm not playing 'hard to get' I hate you!" I scream.

"Now you and I both know that's not true" he giggles "you love me, like I still love you, and I always will" he says in between kisses.

"Let me go!" I shout.

"No ones going to hear you" he says "so just enjoy this time we've got" he says and I can hear the amusement in his voice.

"Isn't she any good for you no more? Finally decided I was the better one?!" I shout.

"Baby, you were always the one" he pulls away and smirks.

"Nate, please" I whine.

"Please what,baby?" He asks

"You want me to carry on kissing your neck?" He asks, licking his bottom lip and then biting it.

"No" I huff "just let me go" I sigh.

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