Chapter 3

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"NO PLEASE!" "PLEASE DONT!" I scream at the man trying to kidnap me.

"WHO ARE YOU? HAVE I EVER MET YOU BEFORE! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME? WHAT HAVE I DONE?" I scream and begin hitting the man that's trying to take me somewhere with him.

Who even is this man.

I've never met him least I don't think I have.I don't even know what the person looks like because he has his hood up and its hard to see his face due to the darkness.

What could he possibly want with me.

Have I done something to harm him? Or is he about to harm me? I couldn't tell you but all I know is that right now is that I'm terrified.

He drags me towards the door and pushes me through it to go into the living room.

I still can't see his face.

"Who are you!" I shout and he slaps me across the face.

"Non of your business child!" He pushes me against the wall with his hand to my neck still not making eye contact with me.

"Please Please don't hurt me. I don't know what I've done. Please let me go." I sob.

"I won't hurt you. As long as you listen to me. Then your safe."he grins mischievously.

"Fine. But I'm not making no promises."
"Kate! Kate wake up!" Then I know I'm getting shook by Mia so she can wake me up. When I fully wake up tears are streaming from my eyes.

I sit up from the bed and I'm full on shaking.

Who is that man?

What does he want with me?

How come everytime I stay in Cheshire he appears in my dreams?

Who is he?

"Kate.." I look up and see Mia. Her eyes are red and it looks like she's on the verge of crying too.

"H-he came b-back in-into my dreams a-again" I speak through sobs.

Mia sits down on the bed and starts comforting me. She rubs my back and then embraces me into a hug. "Kate, this is getting out of hand now. We need to sort out these dreams your having."

I just nod in acknowledgement,b.ecause I know she's right.

These dreams need to stop.

I'm scared that one day they might come true.

Let's hope they don't though.

"Your going to have to get dressed even though your probably not up to it, it's the best for you to do. Your going to meet mine and Jordan's new friends today, and it'll be good for you to have more friends around here. Considering you might end up moving down here in the future. But for now let's not think about that and you just get dressed."

"Thankyou Mia. I'm going to have to go to my auntys first and take all my stuff there after my shower and once I'm dressed."

"Oh and kate, please tell your aunty that you'll be staying with me for a while until you get settled in. There's no question about it. Your staying here. End of conversation." Mia demands.

"Thankyou Mia. Im so lucky to have you as my bestfriend. I've missed you so so much." I embrace her in a hug once again and we pull apart as her phone starts ringing.

"Missed you millions hunni,ill see you in abit I need to take this call, you get ready and meet me in the living room soon. okay?"

"Okay. I'll be done soon."

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