Chapter 38

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"Look's like it's just you and me then" Harry speaks as we both turn our gazes to the t.v in front of us as we've just wished Aleighsha our goodbye's as she said she's going out with her friend and then she's staying at her's.

"Looks like it" I laugh.

"What's so funny?" He questions.

"Nothing" I shrug.

"Your so weird" he laughs.

"And fucked up" I sigh.

"Seriously Kate, back at this again?" He questions.

"I seriously feel so shitty Harry, you don't even understand"

"Make me" he suggests.

"Make you what?" I question, confused.

"Make me understand why you feel so shitty" he explains, moving closer to me and wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"I will, but first I need a drink" I shrug.

"What drink? I think I have Coke,Pepsi and Lemonade?" He questions.

I let out a loud laugh which comes out of more than a howl.

"What's so funny?" Harry asks again with a laugh in his voice as he begins to laugh at my laugh.

"I meant an alcoholic drink idiot" I shake my head smiling at this idiot next to me, he knew what kind of drink I meant.

"For someone who's only 19 sure know's how to drink" he comments.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"No, but considering you was spiked last year.." he trails.

I shrug "I'm better now, and plus I only accept drinks from people I trust and know wouldn't hurt me and I also only have a drink if I'm upset or at a party but I make it myself usually, but I'm too lazy today so you can make one for me"

"Fine" he chuckles "I'll grab the vodka and coke"

"You know me so well" I smile smugly as he stands up from the couch. It's seriously my favourite alcoholic drink. Liam made it me once when we we're about 16, been my favourite alcoholic drink since.

"I do" he laughs as he walks into the kitchen as I hear him getting a few glasses and then walks back into the living room with a huge bottle of coke and vodka with two clear glasses in his hands.

"Got your hands full there styles" I laugh as he places down the two bottles of drink and two glasses one for me and one for him either side each other.

"Nothing these hand's can't handle" he laughs and shows me his huge hands.

"I never even noticed that they we're that big" I speak in mesmerisation. I love big hands, no one even understands like I don't know, it's just always been a thing for me.

Harry smirks at my comment and whispers something under his breath but I don't quite hear it as he sit's forward and opens the huge bottle of coke as it makes the fizzy sound.

"You want me to do yours?" He questions as he pours coke into a glass.

"Sure" I shrug "why not"

He pours both of our glasses with vodka and coke and once he passes me mine I take a sip and he's done the vodka pretty strong, but it's nothing I can't handle.

"Too strong?" Harry chuckles at my reaction.

"No, it's fine, just a little stronger than usual" I smirk and take another gulp "you trying to get me drunk styles?"

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