Chapter 41

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"Are you ready?" Harry asks as he stands at the foot of the bathroom door, as I fix my hair.

I give a little nod, assuring him that I'm now ready "yeah" I smile.

He nods once and then moved his head to the right pointing at the door with his head whilst still looking at me "lets go then."

"Are you sure you want to go?" I question. I mean.. the other day he seemed fuming on the gang that he used to hang around with but I guess maybe he wants to move on?

"What harm can it do?" He shrugs and then proceeds "the worst that could possibly happen is if they all want to start doing things like 'old times' I just don't want to do that kind of stuff if you know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean" I reply I'm understanding as I walk past Harry and walk into the bedroom where Harry put my suitcase and pull out my jacket, before slipping it on, grabbing my phone and walking over to Harry ready to go.

"You ready now? He laughs as he opens the door for me.

"Yep" I skip out of the door popping the 'p'.

"let's go to the car then" he speaks as he finished locking up the door and slipping the keys into his Jean pocket. We both begin walking to the car.

""Will Aleighsha mind me staying for a few days?" I question.

"Of course not, why would she?" He asks in all seriousness.

I shrug "I don't know.. it's yours and her apartment so I just wanted to see if it was okay with her I guess"

"It's not up to her, and plus, it's not mine and her apartment, she's just staying their for a couple of months, she's moving into a new apartment of her own soon, she's just been staying with me for a few months because she was a friend of mine and then she needed a place to crash because she got kicked out of her frat room" he shrugs "so it doesn't matter on her opinion, it's my apartment and I'm completely fine with you staying for as long as you need to" he clarifys.

"Thankyou Harry" I smile as we both step outside into the fresh air.

"No worries" he smiles as he opens the car door for me.

I jump in the car, quickly putting on my seatbelt ready for the ride ahead.

"Well here goes" Harry guys as he starts the engine to the car, reversing and hitting onto the road in a matter of seconds.

"When was the last time you was with all of these?" I question.

"About two years ago, maybe three" he purses his lips, not once taking his eye off of the road.

"Who do you speak to out of the group?" I wonder, remembering what he said to me earlier 'I haven't spoke to most of these in years' or something like that.

"My bestfriend Louis, and I also speak to Zayn from time to time and Perrie of course as I see them a lot due to Zayn living facing my apartment" he shrugs.

Oh yeah, Louis. I remember him.

"Louis seem's like a nice guy, and I like Zayn and Perrie"

"How do you know Louis?" He questions.

"Met him at Zayn and Perrie's party" I recall the night when Harry basically left me for that random blonde.

"Didn't see you with him" Harry shrugs.

"That's because you were too busy with that blonde bitch" I laugh.

"Who?" He questions.

"You, you left me and then I was just left with Louis most of the night" not that I didn't mind being with Louis because he is a nice guy afterall.

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