Chapter 36

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"Kate!" Jace exclaims as we walk into the restaurant, as Harry met us outside.

"Hey Jace" I smile.

"Long time no see" he grins.

"Yeah, something like that" I laugh.

"Harry, take these to there table please" he smiles at his nephew.

"Sure, follow me" Harry commands and we follow him to a table.

"Would you like to sit in a booth? Or would here be fine?" He asks politely pointing to a table.

"Can we sit in a booth please?" I smile.

"Sure, follow me" he winks and takes us to a booth.

"Thanks Harry" Liam smile's as me and him sit down.

"Thanks Haz" I smile.

"Sure, here you go" he hands us two menus.

"How come your working today?" I ask.

He shrugs "just thought I'd help out my uncle, I had nothing else to do today and plus I wanted to get my mind off of a few things."

"Aw that's sweet" I smile at my friend.

"Right, I'll be back in 5 minutes to write down your order" he speaks as his phone starts ringing in his pocket.

"Sure" Liam nods as he walks away and answers his phone.

Harry's P.O.V

"Hello?" I answer the phone without seeing who's on the other end. I really need to stop doing that.

"Harry!" I hear Aleighsha's voice.

"Hey" I reply.

"Guess where I am!" She speaks excitedly.

"Where?" I ask.

"Outside your apartment because I have no where to go so get your ass here"she laughs.

"Wait your back?!" I smile.

"Yeah, did you miss me?" She questions.

"Meh not really" I laugh.

"Liar! I'll see you soon anyway" she speaks before putting the phone down.

She's back. Which means I won't have to go and find another girl to fool around with to get my mind off of Kate.

I notice that I've been on the phone to Aleighsha for about 5 minutes and that I should go back and write down there order before taking off.

I've been here all day, so it's not like my uncle won't let me go. And plus, I'll be back soon.

I turn around and see Kate with the most beautiful smile among her face ever. She's sat holding Liam's hand and laughing at whatever dumb joke he's just said.

I can't help but feel a pang of jealously but I know that I can't do anything about because she's happy, and I don't want to ruin that just because of some stupid feeling I have whenever I'm around her or see her. But it's not only when I see her, I think of her 24/7 and can never stop thinking of her. Why? It makes no sense. It's not like I get feelings for anyone she's just my bestfriend. But why am I jealous?

I shake the thought out of my head and decide on going to let Aleighsha into my apartment room. Well, our apartment room should I say.

"Jace" I speak getting his attention once I'm over to his desk at the front.

"Haz" he smiles.

"I need to go and let Aleighsha in our apartment, so can I get off early please?" I ask kindly.

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