Chapter 26

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I hear the front door unlocking, Once it's unlocked I see a broken looking Mia being carried in by Niall.

What the hell's wrong with her?

"Mi?" I question.

She doesn't reply she just sniffles and mumbles something into Niall's chest nearly mutely"She'll be fine just give her some time" he assures me and shuts the door behind him with his foot and carry's her through to the bedroom with a sobbing Mia in his arms.

Within a minute he walks out without Mia and sits down next to me looking pissed off.

"Ni" I speak breaking the silence.

He looks at me and in his eyes I see anger, "she could always do fucking better than him!" He exclaims and puts his head in his hands.

"Jordan?" I question.

"Yes! He's fucking lied to her all this time!" He spits.

"Wait..wasn't Jordan in work and you two we're out?" I question getting confused.

How has Jordan lied to her?

"I didn't fucking like him from the start!" He huffs and puts his head back in his hands.

"Niall" I sooth him and rub his back "tell me what happened from the start" I plead.

Niall's P.O.V

I couldn't get the picture of her broken out of my mind.

Mia. Broken.

Because of some stupid fucking asshole.

I knew from the start that there was something up with him in the first place; I just didn't know what.

I take my head out of my hands and look intently at Kate "god I hate him so fucking much for doing that to her" I sigh.

She deserves so so much better.

Any guy would be lucky to have Mia.

"What the fuck did Jordan do?" Kate asks impatiently.

"He's been cheating on her Kate! There was no fucking doctors appointments or anything, he was always lying to her!" I shout angrily, Kate's mouth drops within shock.

"He-he.." she trails shocked not knowing which words to put together but stops before I hear a "hey guys" and I turn to look at the broken looking beautiful Mia.

"Mi" I croak.

She walks over to me and smiles weakly, "I'm fine Ni"

Every guy knows that when a girl says they're fine; they're actually not.

I stand up and hug her, tightly.

"You deserve so much better than him" I whisper.

"Thankyou Ni, I know that now" she half giggles into my chest as she reacts back into the hug.

Your probably thinking why I'm so fucking pissed off and want to kill Jordan right now.

Well, for one; he's hurt one of my bestfriends. And for Two; no body hurts anyone of my bestfriends. For three; lately.. I've seemed to become.. more attached to Mia, and nobody deserves to hurt her. Or Kate for that matter. Kate's my sister technically though; it's always been different with Mia. Even though I love them both.

Kate's P.O.V

"You okay Mi?" I ask walking over to the two standing hugging.

I knew there was always something I didn't like about Jordan.

He's a fucking liar.

Always has been from the start.

"Yeah" she sighs pulling away from her long hug with Niall "I'll be fine"

"You sure?" I ask her, embracing my bestfriend into a hug.

"Yeah I guess" she sniffles.

It really fucking kills seeing my bestfriend broken over stupid fucking Jordan. And to think I was starting to like him. Pfft.

She pulls away and smiles weakly, "you need to go see your aunty and uncle"

I look at her confused "I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying here with my bestfriend"

"Hey I'm fine" she assures me even though I know she's not "they need your help"

"Well I'm not helping them until my bestfriend is back on her feet and is better from being broken by that fucking asshole" I half laugh, trying to make her feel better.

"I'm fine, look I don't want to talk about it right now" she sighs.

Niall nods at me in reassurance.

I smile sympathetically at Mia "fine, look I'll be back soon! Need anything phone me okay?" I half demand half ask.

"Okay" she manages a giggle but it soon drops.

Niall puts his hand on her back, "I'll look after her" he smiles to me.

"Good!" I say and Mia walks into the kitchen, I stare at Niall giving him an 'please make sure she's okay' and he nods then smiles, letting me know he will.

I leave the Mia's and make my way to my family's; the only family I have here.

Well, that is apart from my technical family; Liam, Niall, Mia, and Harry too.. I guess?



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