Chapter 1

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Fake friends.




Are the main reasons why I've decided to move away for the summer.

Maybe it's for the best, or it could be for the worst.

Because I'll be leaving behind my true bestfriend's, but I'll be visiting my bestfriend,Mia and some of my family.

I've planned to go and stay with my Uncle whilst I was staying down there.

Mia had no choice but to move to cheshire permanently when she was 15, with her Mother and Father.

Her dad got a new job over there, apparently it's a better pay. I was distraught at the time, I felt like I had no-one, when really I had all my other bestfriends.

Me,Liam and Niall all went through a very tough time when she moved away, but we were all there for eachother.

I remember when we were kids we used to go to Cheshire all the time and visit some of my family who live down there.

Me,Liam,Mia and Niall always used to go down to Cheshire and visit my family, and we used to stay in my mothers flat she bought down there.

When we got a little bit older, she had to sell it because she needed the money to let me go to college.

Me and Liam were always the closest, and Mia and Niall, but me and Mia have always been bestfriends. Just like Liam and Niall, with there brotherly bond, me and Mia have always had that, we've been bestfriends since we was toddlers and now we're still going 16 years later.

It's the same with me,Liam,Niall and Mia. We've always been bestfriends since a very young age, and we haven't let nothing come between our friendship what so ever.

Since Mia left to go and live in Cheshire, Me and Liam have become inseparable even more. Especially this past year.

I just hope nothing more can go wrong.

At the beginning of last year my mum died, I went through a very traumatic time and wouldn't even go back to our house because it felt wrong, not being able to have my mother around with me anymore.

So I stayed in Liam's house for a couple of months and of course, his mother didn't mind what so ever. I'm her second child so why would she mind, that's what she kept on telling me.

And then, just as I thought nothing else after my mother passed could go wrong, it did.

I was at a party one night and found out my boyfriend was been cheating on me for the past 6 months and the people who I thought was my bestfriends at the time, really wasn't.

So we was at a party and I went into the kitchen to get a drink, and a snack off the buffet, but got caught up by a couple intensely making out on the kitchen counter, with no one in the kitchen except for me, and the two people making out.

I couldn't see who it was at first, but then the girl moved and I found out it was my friend,at the time,Jenna, and my boyfriend.

As soon as realization hit me I walked over and pulled her off him by her hair, and Nate just looked at me with full shock on his face.

I slapped Jenna across the face and then Nate and told him never to speak to me ever again, and to go and live happily ever after with eachother. Then he felt the right to turn around and say "well to be honest, I've been happy with her for the 6 months I've had with her behind your back" I then slapped him and slapped him again and I felt myself being pulled away from him, and I looked up to see who it was, with my eyes full of tears and saw that it was Liam dragging me away "were over!!!" I shouted and that was the last I've saw of Jenna and Nate.

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