Chapter 40

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Mia opens the door, with a slightly worried face but soon changes it to a smile.

"Come in" she ushers me inside.

"Hi" I mumble as I walk inside.

"Where have you been?" I hear Niall ask as soon as I step through the door.

"Stayed at Sean's, haven't saw him in ages" I shrug.

"Why didn't I think of there!" Mia sighs.

"We literally searched everywhere for you" Niall explains.

"Really?" I question.

He nods hesitantly "yep, we've been worried sick, where's your phone?"

Where is my phone?

"Uh.. I actually don't know, it's dead but I can't remember where I put it sorry" I apologise then I place my hand in my jacket and pull it out. I click the home screen button and see its on 20%.

"Here it is, couldn't remember were I put it sorry" I apologise.

"You should of just got Sean to call us" Niall adds.

"I know, I totally forgot, I'm so sorry guys" I apologise again.

"Look atleast we know your safe now" Mia and Niall both walk up to me and give me one of the biggest hugs ever.

"Where's Liam?" I ask as soon as we pull away.

"I'm not sure actually, haven't really saw him" Mia speaks.

"Me neither, I don't know where he is, he's been in pretty bad shape so we've decided to stay away from him because he was smashing things about last night, crying and getting drunk and shit. we both tried to comfort him but he wouldn't tell us what happened. we decided to give him space to let him calm down" Niall explains.

I nod not knowing what to say to that and walk into the room me and Liam was staying in.

When I walk into the room, I don't see Liam in sight. The room looks a mess with things broken and thrown everywhere.

"What are you doing here?" I hear Liam's voice, nearly giving me a heart attack.

"What the hell Liam" I speak as I jump out of my skin as I see his head pop up out of the bed covers.

"I said, what are you doing here" he repeats himself.

Harsh much.

"Collecting a few clothes" I shrugged as I picked up two t-shirts and two pairs of different jeans because I don't plan on staying in Harry's much more than 3 days. He doesn't need me being around all the time and I don't want to bother him plus, I hope that this little 'break' that me and Liam are on in our friendship/ complicated relationship settles by then.

"Why?" He asks nonchalantly as if nothing has happened.

"Because you don't want to see me, because we're on a break from our complicated relationship slash friendship remember?" I huff.

"Oh" is all he says.

I roll my eyes at his small disheartened comment and grab my small suitcase and put two jeans, two t-shirts, underwear and I decide to leave my makeup out for now because I'll need that after I get out the shower.

I walk out of the bedroom, leaving Liam in his slumber.

I walk past Niall and Mia that are sitting in the living room watching some film and automatically walk straight into the bathroom not feeling like talking at all.

I get into the bathroom and lock the door behind me and reach up onto the top shelf next to the shower to grab myself a towel. Then, I climb into the shower after turning on the small iPod Mia has in her tiny bathroom.

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