Chapter 28

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I wake up the next morning surprisingly without a nightmare waking me up. Which causes me to wake up in a good mood.

I had such a good day yesterday.

I walk into the living area and see Mia and Niall sprawled out on the couch asleep, top and tail.

I guess they tried watching another film but failed and ended up falling asleep instead.

I quietly creep over into the kitchen and put the kettle on. Making myself a coffee.

What time is it?

I glance at the clock on the wall hanging over the fridge and see that it is '10:27' I guess they stayed up watching films late then, they're both normally up earlier.

Okay, maybe not Niall but definitely Mia. Anyway, there normally both up before me and its a surprise to see non of them awake yet.

I decide to text Harry to see what he'll be doing.

"Haz.." I send.

within a minute he's text me back.

"Kate" the message reads.

"Wanna go for a coffee and breakfast?" I text as I can't even be bothered cooking.

I'll have this coffee I'm making, get dressed and then go meet Harry if he says yeah.

He texts back quickly, "sure, see you at about half 11" and I pour the water from the kettle into my mug and add some coffee beans.


I get out of Mia's car and shut the door behind me as she rolls down her passenger window "phone me and I'll pick you up whenever" she shouts and I nod.

"Thanks Mi, see you soon" she drives away, leaving me to walk into the cafe that Harry told me to meet him at.

I walk in, with the bell of the cafe dinging signaling that they have a new customer and see the back of Harry's curly hair.

As I walk over I see Harry sitting on his phone and starring at a picture, as soon as I get a glimpse he notices I'm here and sticks his phone on the table, locking it securely.

"Hey Kate" he smiles as I sit down on the bench opposite him.

"Hi Haz" I smile and take my jacket off.

Just as he's about to speak, a waitress walks over to our table and hands us two menus.

"I'll be back so you can pick what you like" she smiles gracefully and walks away, to the next table.

"She seems nice" I speak up.

"don't know" Harry says fidgeting in his seat.

What's gotten into him?

"She's one of my ex's bestfriends" he explains.

"Wait.. you had ex's?" I ask surprised.

Not by the fact that he hasn't an ex but surprised that he was even with somebody because he doesn't like to be serious with anyone, from what I've learned from this past week or more.

"Yeah I was about 14 when I was with her bestfriend" he shrugs and points to the waitress "nothing serious"

"I'm surprised Harry" I laugh.

He looks at me confused "why?"

"Because I thought you didn't do this 'girlfriend' thing" I explain.

"I don't" he states "I used to, don't anymore"

"Why?" I ask intrigued by his possible change of mind.

"Just don't bother no more, I've changed.. I'm not the guy I used to be" he sighs and leans back in his chair, just as the waitress comes back to the table.

"What can I get you both?" The blonde asks eyeing me suspiciously.

"Two orange juice's with lemonade and two breakfast's please" he speaks to her as she rolls her eyes, writes our order and walks away without another word.

Me and Harry sit talking about random things, until our breakfasts come, although we still make conversation between eating.

Half way through our breakfasts, Harry's phone starts ringing and it starts shaking the whole table, like a tornado.

He sighs, and answers his phone frustratedly "Zayn" he crosses his arm over his chest and leans back into the seat, with his left hand to his ear, holding up his phone.



"Do I have to?"


"I'm bringing someone though" Harry states before slamming the phone down on the table and carrying on with his breakfast like that phone call was nothing.

I look at him suspiciously, trying to get something out of him. A clue maybe. An answer to his sudden change in attitude.

"Wanna come to a party?" He smirks diverting his gaze from his plate, to up at me.

"Uhh" I trail, unsure what to say.

"Come on" he laughs "please" he try's the puppy dog eyes.

You know what.. why not.

It'll be fun.

"Fine" I roll my eyes.

He grins, wildly "at least I won't be on my own in this stupid damn party anyway" and laughs at his own joke, leaving me completely confused.. but choose to call him up on it at the party later. I mean, a guy like Harry ending up alone at a party? Please. Like that'd happen.

We both finish up, he insists on paying the bill although I insist on making him go half's, but he deny's and pays the bill fully, for both mine and his orders.

We then make our way out of the cafe and head to his car, he drives me back to Mia's insisting that I only have a few hours to get ready, and he'll be there to pick me up at 6.

Meaning I have about 5-4 hours to get ready. I may aswell join Mia and Niall in watching a film and then get ready.



I didn't even know where I was going with this chapter, but I hope you liked it anyway😂


-Shauna xoxo

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