Chapter 16

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"Did you do all this?!" I turn to Liam shocked.

He nods his head yes and speaks "Happy earlyish birthday baby"

"Thanks" I smile and jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and kiss him, I go to pull away but I'm caught by my bottom lip being bit on making me chuckle and allow him entrance for his tongue to lap mine, as mine does the same.

After a minute, we both pull away as we realise there's still a lot of people here.

"I can't believe you all did this and hid it from me!" I laugh ecstatically.

"It was all Liam's doing" Harry speaks.

"No no, that's a lie" Liam interrupts.

"No come on Liam, it was your idea" Harry laughs.

"But you helped me,my friend" Liam says and walks over to Harry and gives him a hug.

"Aww!! Bromance!!" Ben jumps up and down excitedly clapping his hands, making me and everyone else laugh.

I smile at the two and make my way around to greet everyone.

"Happy early birthday Kate" Jess hugs me.

"Happy early birthday Kate" Harry smiles, pulling me into a hug.

"Thanks" I say to the two.

"Happy birthday" Aleighsha smiles from next to Harry.

"Thanks" I smile.

"Happy early birthday my technical sister!!" Niall exclaims as he hugs me making me laugh.

"Thanks my technical big brother" I laugh and walk up to Mia.

"Happy early birthday my favourite girl!" She exclaims hugging me.

"God I can't believe your 18 tomorrow" she laughs pulling away.

"Your nearly 19, shut up" I laugh and move to Jordan.

"Happy early birthday"He smiles.

"Thanks" I say and send him a smile back.

"Happy early birthday babe!" Ben exclaims jumping on me excitedly and wrapping me into a hug to which I start laughing.

"Thanks" I say still laughing, pulling away.

I carry on making my way around the rest of the people and when I'm finally done Niall speaks up.

"On with the Party guys!!" He exclaims and switches the main light off, the stage light comes on and the spotlights for the dance floor, and the lights in each of the booths as well as the lights at the bar.

"On with the party!" I exclaim and walk straight up to the bar to get a drink.

"Can I have a mojito please?" I ask the bar tender.

"No" he says blankly.

"Please?" I bat my eyelashes.

"No" he states.

Oh, right then.

"Uh.. okay" I say and walk away from the bar not bothering to put a fight up.

"Hey!" Harry says as I walk up to Harry and Liam.

"Hey" I smile, and Liam wraps his arms around my waist.

"You just been over at the bar?" Harry asks.

"Yeah, but he wouldn't serve me" I roll my eyes.

"I'll sort it" Harry smiles and leaves me and Liam together.

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