Chapter 8

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"Kate, are you okay? You've hardly said anything for a good hour and it's starting to scare me because your never normally quiet, what's up?" Mia asked putting the dress she was holding back on the rack.

I walked over to a dress that looked lovely, it wasn't designer, but it was nice and it didn't matter if it was designer or not,I honestly really would wear this dress, also tonight I don't know what to wear for the Chinese with Harry, so I could wear that, of course that's if it fitted.

"Kate did you hear me?" I got carried away by looking at the beautiful red dress that I actually forgot to reply to Mia.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mia, yeah I'm fine, don't worry it's nothing." Curiosity's been killing me today.

I can't seem to stop thinking who the hell was Harry going to meet?

And if they was dangerous, why did he still go and meet them?

It just makes no sense to me whatsoever.

I guess you can call me curious George.

I find my size of the beautiful red dress and decide to go and try it on.

"I'll be back now, I'm just going to try this on" I say and walk to the changing rooms not sure if Mia will follow or not, but of course, she followed, which I really didn't mind because I was never good at deciding wether I should buy the item of clothing I chose or not, and I was glad that Mia was here to give me her opinion.

"Go and try it on, red suits your skin tone, and matches your blue eyes and brown hair beautifully." She complemented.

"Thankyou Mia, you know, I don't know wether I should go for the blue one or red,but I'll try this one on first." I thought.

I went into the changing rooms and I honestly couldn't wait to try the beautiful red dress on.

Every time I came to Cheshire me and Mia would like to go on little shopping days out to Cheshire oaks.

River Island was my favourite shop there, I would always end up buying something every time I set foot in that shop, I love it to pieces.

All the items and accessories it has never fails to wow me.

They have a range of different styles, but nevertheless did they seem to have a ton of items to fit my style.

When I got the dress on, I loved it even more than I did just hanging up, it's definitely a perfect dress, but is it a dress for me? If I buy it and don't wear it tonight, I can wear it for my eighteenth birthday next week.

Not that I have anything planned for my birthday yet, but I'll probably end up going clubbing or something with Mia.

I pulled the lock on the changing room door down to unlock it, and Mia was standing at the door, as soon as I stepped out she turned around and her jaw instantly dropped to the floor.

"What's wrong? Should I take it off and get a different one?" I asked.

"Don't be bloody stupid Kate! Have you seen yourself right now! You look beautiful, like you always do, but even more beautiful in that dress! Oh my god! Buy it buy it buy it!" She exclaimed.

"Do you really think so?" I asked unsure.

"I know so! You'll have every guy falling to their deaths in seconds if you wear that" she laughed and I burst out into giggles too.

"Should I try the blue one on? Or not?" I wondered wether the blue dress would look nicer on than the red, but you can never be sure until you try.

Before she even said anything she flung the blue dress to me and pushed me in the changing room I laughed and locked the door after she pushed me in.

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