Chapter 15

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Harry's P.O.V
"I bet your glad you didn't go home lastnight,aren't you?" I smirk looking to the right side of my bed.

"Mhm" Aleighsha smirks back from next to me, and we turn our attention back to the tv.

About five minutes later I hear my door going.

"I'll be back soon" I say standing up and put my t-shirt on.

"Okay" she reply's happily.

"Hang on!" I shout to the person at the door.

"It's important" I hear the person say from the other side of the door and I know it's Liam by his accent.

Oh god.

What's happened?

It Kate alright?!

I rush straight to the door and open it to see a grinning Liam.

"What's important? Is Kate okay? Do I have to go fight Nate again? I really don't l-" I ramble but Liam stops me.

"Kate's fine, she's sleeping anyway I don't know wether Aleighsha's told you this or not, but tomorrow is Kate's birthday" he smiles.


What can I get her.

I nod for him to carry on.

"And tonight I'm taking her out to a restaurant and I was thinking of giving her a surprise party.." he trails.

"That'd be fun!" I smile.

"Yeah, I thought so too, so would you keep it a secret, so it's a surprise and turn up tonight?" He smiles.

"Yeah, sure" I smile happily.

"Good I need to get going and get sorted on how I'm going to sort this all out in such little time" I sigh.

"I can ask my uncle if you like, I know he's got a spare room in the restaurant" I smile.

"Oh yeah, Kate was telling me she went out with you to sort your dreams or something" he shrugs "that'd be great thanks man" he smiles.

"What's your number so I can text you and let you know?" I ask, pulling my phone out of my pocket.

He retrieves his phone from his pocket and then pulls up his number and gives me it, I save it and send him a message so he can save my number.

"Hi pal" the message I sent to him says.
He just reads the message laughs, looks up at me and goes "hi pal" and stuffs his phone back into his pocket.

"I better get going, see you soon mate" he waves.

"See you soon" I smile and shut the door.

I walk back into the bedroom and Aleighsha's sitting up smirking.

I walk over to the bed and she pulls me down close to her by my collar and kisses me delicately before I get the chance to sit down.

I know I shouldn't be doing this whilst I'm thinking of someone else.

But it helps to stop her from fucking up her relationship by my little infatuation with her.

I mean, I've only known Kate for like what? 4 or 5 days?

And I'm incredibly and utterly infatuated by her already.

"I love our little deal"Aleighsha whispers down my ear chuckling and then carry's on kissing me.

Making me let out a chuckle, and then sit back and while she's pecking my neck in all different places, starting from my jaw to my collar bones, she then moves to kiss my mouth and I automatically react back.

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