Chapter 4

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After hours of speaking to my family I decide to phone Mia so she can come and pick me up so I can get ready for tonight.

After I phoned Mia she turned up to my auntys minutes later, as her dorm is literally a ten minute walk from here and a two minute drive in the car.

I really can't wait to make new friends here in Cheshire. I'll need to make a lot of friends here if I decide on staying and getting myself a job and a house here.

Then once again my mind travels to Liam. What would happen to us if I did end up moving here? Would he move here too? I doubt it.

But I don't know. You can never say never.

But i guess for now I just won't know what's possible.

It depends what happens in the future after all.

As were sat in the car the music changes to a song neither of us know.

"I'm so excited for you to meet mine and Jordan's new friends here you know kate." Mia says after minutes of silence.

"I know. I hope I get along with them well. I mean after all I'll have to have more friends here if I end up moving here permanently. Who knows what I'll do? I couldn even end up going home soon. Maybe all I need is a little break from New York..." I speak thinking about what I'm going to do.

"If you do end up going back to New York I'll come with you. I mean, I've missed everyone there. And I haven't seen them all properly in ages." I nod because she really hasn't been to New York in a whilst and I think it'd be best for us both to go together for a little bit.

"Oh and Kate?"


"I think you'll fit in perfectly here with all our new friends..oh and Jess is coming tonight, it won't be that awkward anyway just incase you thought it was going to be awkward because after all you have me, Jordan and Jess there for you."

I smile when Jess' name is brought up.

She's like my cousin,me and her have known eachother since we was little due to my uncle and her dad.

With that we pull up to Mia's dorm and I rush in to get a shower.


"Okay so where are we meeting the rest of them jord?" Mia asks.

"Babe I already told you. Were meeting them at that bar we always go." Jordan replys rolling his eyes at her and I just laugh.

"Do you think I'm dressed alright to go to a bar? I wanna be good at first look impressions.. What do you guys think?" I say twirling around in my new black guess dress I bought from the guess shop in New York.

"Kate. Seriously you look beautiful." Jordan smiles and nods as in agree to Mia.

"Oh and I'm borrowing that dress one day. Okay?"Mia confirms.

I laugh and nod my head at her.

"Of course you can."

"Okay guys, we really really need to get going if you wanna be early for this meal and then we can meet the others at the bar. But Hurry. I've got a table booked for 7:00 pm" Jordan impatiently says.

Mia just rolls her eyes and I look at my watch and it's already 6:25 pm. I'm not surprised Jordan's getting impatient.

"Kate, you ready?" Mia asks.

I nod.

"Okay then, let's go." Jordan implys rushing us out the door.


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