Chapter 27

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I arrive at my aunty Claire's, Uncle Joe's, Cousin Jamie's and Cousin Holly's and smile when I'm welcomed in.

I reluctantly walk in and sit down on the couch in the living room, my two cousins doing the same and sitting next to me. Jamie decides to cuddle into me. Sweet kid. Holly starts playing with my hair.

"I take it Mia told you we wanted to see you" my aunty speaks up from the couch facing me.

"Yep she did" I smile.

"Well.. we have some news that I've been meaning to tell you" she grins.


What kind of news?

"Please! Tell me!" I almost beg causing them all to laugh.

"We aw though be the godmother of these two, I know it's late to be getting them christened just now but please will you be the godm-" she begins to carry on but I interrupt her by jumping on the couch she's sitting on and cuddling her.

"Of course aunt Claire! I'd love to!" I grin as she hugs me back.

I stand back up and turn to my cousins "guess who's going to be your godmother!" I grin at the two children sitting before me.

They both don't say a word at first they each hug one of my legs.

I earn a few "I can't wait!"

"I'm so excited!" And then.

"I love you cousin Kate" I hear as they both speak at the same time into my leg.

I pat each of their heads and smile down at them "I love you both too"

I'm going to be a godmother.

"Come on guys!" My uncle joe speaks up.

I look at him confused, he hands me each of the kids jackets and I put them on them both.

"Where are we going?" Holly asks as soon as she's got her white jacket on.

"The park" Uncle joe smiles.

The kids both go wild.

"Calm down guys" I laugh as they all run out of the house, going to get in the car probably,leaving me with my aunty "I best get going you all have a nice walk" I turn to her.

"Don't go Kate it's fine you can come with us" My aunty smiles.

"Oh don't worry I wouldn't want to be a bother" I laugh.

"Kate" I hear and look down at Jamie pulling on the bottom of my jacket.

I look down at him "yeah Jay?"

"Come on! Dad said we're going for a McDonald's and then to the park for a walk and we're allowed to goin to the park because I've been a very good boy"he smiles up to me.

You've got to love little kids.

"Come on Kate" my aunty persuades.

"Sure" I laugh.

What else have it got to do anyway?


We've just eaten out McDonald's and now are driving to the park.

"Kate?" Holly smiles at me.

"Yeah Hol?" I ask.

"Can you like please push us really really high on the swings?" She grins excitedly.

I laugh "sure"

Jamie nudges me "I'll push you" causing me to look at him and stifle a giggle.

You wouldn't think these two are not even in there double digit ages yet.

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