Chapter 5

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"Kate please just calm down and hear me out okay?!" Nate demanded.

"How dare you tell me to calm down!! What the hell are you doing in Cheshire anyway? And why should I hear you out! I heard you out last time and all you could say was "she's so perfect for me" "she's better for me than you ever will be" well you know what I've had a of all that shit! I've moved on and I'm not spending any more time being heartbroken over you so please just both do us a favor and leave me alone already! why don't you go back to Olivia I'm sure she's much better to have company with than me!"I angrily ranted..

"No Kate. you know what I'm not going anywhere. Not until you hear me out. I'm just going to ignore all the other stuff you've just said then because it's all wrong! you won't understand until you hear me out you won't know the real reason what's happened or why I'm here, so please Kate. Please just hear me out." He begged.

Harry wiped away my tear that was falling down my cheek and grabbed my arm so he could tell me he's still next to me.

For some reason I feel completely safe around Harry, and that's strange because I've only met him tonight but I feel like I could trust him with my life.

"Not right now Nate. I haven't got time to listen to your bullshit right now." I said and ran straight towards the bathroom quick enough so that Harry or Nate couldn't get me.

As soon as I got to the bathroom luckily enough no one was in there.

I broke down and sat on the floor with my knees huddled to my chest.

What the hell has just happened is beyond me.

Why even is he here?

Why can't I just get a break for once!?

Harry's P.O.V

I tried running after Kate but I couldn't because I got pulled back by Nate who ever the guy is, but all I know right now is that I need to get to Kate.

For some reason I feel the need to be here for her.

To protect her.

I know it's crazy that I don't even know her and I feel the urgency to look after her and be there for her and protect her but, by the looks of It she needs someone to do that for her.

And that someone is going to be me.

Wether she likes it or not.

"Look man, I don't know what's just went on right now, I don't even know who you are, but please, tell her to hear me out okay? she doesn't know a lot of things that have happened and I don't intend on leaving her alone until she's heard me out." Nate demanded.

"What the hell man. Are you serious right now!? did you just see the way she reacted when she saw you? can't you just leave her alone for abit, I obviously don't know what's happened in the past here but please if you really want her to hear you out then be the man that's deep inside you and leave her alone for now. She obviously doesn't want to speak to you right now."

I started walking to the ladies bathroom to see if Kate is alright but then once again I got pulled back by Nate.

"I'm Nate, as you probably already figured but please just let her see sense and hear me out sometime soon. Here's my new number.. please give it to her for me."

I nodded and put down the phone number in my phone.

"Oh and I'm Harry btw."

"You seem like a nice guy Harry. " I just nodded in appreciation and left Nate, I went straight to the ladies toilets, hopefully there was no girls inside there except Kate because man, that would be awkward.

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