Chapter 32

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"Thanks guys!" My aunty announces as we leave the house.

"Your welcome" I smile at her and give my cousins one last hug goodbye.

"Bye guys!" Harry shouts.

"Bye!" They wave and I wave goodbye back, then they shut the front door.

"Uh, I'm going this way I'll see you later?" I speak awkwardly to Harry.

"Where you going?" He asks confused.

"Back to Mia's" I laugh.

"Get in, I'll give you a lift" he speaks as he opens the car door for me.

I guess I have no choice.

I climb in the passenger side reluctantly and awkwardly twiddle my fingers on my lap as Harry walks around to his side of the car and gets in.

He puts the music on and it lightly blasts through the car taking some of the awkward tension away. Me and Harry haven't spoke for a few hours after that kiss.

We both sit silently in the car as Harry drives. Neither of us saying a word.

I hear my phone go off from my jacket pocket and get it out to see who the message is from.


Probably just the wrong number. I think to myself.

I decide to open the text anyway.

See you both soon Kate, can't wait, not long now.

Is all is written.

I gasp and drop my phone.

"What's the matter with you?" Harry asks from next to me.

"N-nothing" I stutter.

We pull up at a set of traffic lights and Harry reaches down by my feet, to where I dropped my phone and picks my phone up, looking at the message.

"What- what the hell" he mutters to himself, sitting back in his seat.

"Harry" I mumble.

"Kate, I think we need to step up our plan" he announces, shock painted among his face.

"No I think it'll be fine, probably just a wrong number" I speak almost mutely.

"But it says Kate!" Harry exclaims and just as the green light goes on at the set of traffic lights he starts the car up again.

"It could be a different Kate" I reply. Although I get the feeling that it's not a different Kate. The car goes silent again.

"Look, lets just see if I or you get anymore text's and if we do then we do something about it, for now, all's we know is that it could of been a different Kate or someone's changed they're number" I sigh as we pull up outside of Mia's.

"Sure, I've got to be somewhere, I'll text you later" he nods as I shut the door.

"Bye Harry" I roll my eyes as he drives away.


It's now about 9 o clock and me and Mia are sitting watching some random tv program she wanted to watch. Niall's in the bedroom on the phone.

"I'm going to see Harry guys, he wants to watch the match with me" Niall speaks up walking out from the bedroom and grabbing his jacket.

"Sure Ni, have fun" I smile as he gets up, grabs his jacket and walks to the door.

"Thanks" he smiles "bye guys" and shuts the door behind him.

I focus back on the telly as does Mia.

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