Chapter 30

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People started turning up to the party at about 9 ish like Perrie said they would.

Perrie, Zayn and Harry are quite drunk considering we all started drinking earlier. I'm a little tipsy I guess but not as bad Harry, as he's now currently being grinded against by some random girl. Leaving me to stand on my own, considering I hardly know anyone here.

I might go and talk to people in a minute, make new friends.

First I'll go and get more alcohol, it always helps.

When I get to the kitchen I see a familiar guy that I've seen before.

I stare up at the familiar looking brown haired boy with green eyes as he stairs down at me.

"You look.. Awfully familiar" I laugh, feeling giggly after about 5 glasses of vodka and coke.

"Pizza boy" he laughs and raises his hand.

"Your the pizza boy! The one who delivered my pizza last week" I laugh as it makes sense where I know him from.

He laughs, holding his red cup in his hand and shrugs "you could say that" and then drinks from his cup.

"I'm Kate by the way" I smile up to the tall boy.

"Louis" he winks.

"Hey pal!" I hear and see Harry walking up to us. Obviously letting go of the blonde bitch he was being grinded against.

"Haz! How's my best pal going?" Louis smiles.

Wait, these two know each other?

Harry wraps his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him. What the hell is he doing?

"You two know each other?" Louis asks.

"Yeah, she's one of my bestfriend's" Harry smirks and presses a kiss to my neck.

I try wriggling out of his hold, but it's no use.

I let out a laugh and lean my head back on Harry's shoulder feeling funny with this drink, vodka and coke. a usual I usually have.

"Your so beautiful Kate" Harry whispers to me intently.

"Let's all go and play 7 minutes in heaven!" A blonde hair guy suggests,shouting to the few people in the kitchen before I can reply to Harry.

"Harry, you playing?" He asks.

"Yeah, come on Haz, lets play" I smile.

I love this game.

I grab a bottle of vodka on the way to the living room and pour myself more as I sit down in the living room.

I don't even care. I want to get totally wasted tonight.

A bottle is spun and it lands on Louis first, with a girl called Emma who I've only met tonight. She's one of Perrie's bestfriends.

Louis and Emma shoo us all out of the room and we all sit in the hall as bodies are being trashed about and people are wildly making out with eachother.

Once Louis and Emma's time is up, the bottle is spun again as they both walk out. Emma blushing furiously with little markings on her neck.

This time.. it lands on me.

It gets spun again, spinning around and around and around until it stops. And lands on Harry.

Me and Harry both stand up and walk in the room. Locking the door behind us as it's a rule.

"Well?" I smirk at Harry slouching down on the couch.

"What?" He asks.

"It's a dare isn't it?" I ask as I recall Patrick telling us that we're doing this game with a twist which is that we either kiss or something else.

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