Chapter 6

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Walking up the stairs to Harry's apartment into the frat house I was practically drooling over how perfect he looked right now, and how well we have been getting along.

Its like I've known him for my entire life, not just under ten hours, like I have, but the whole of my life, and I'll probably know him for a lot longer, who knows.

Heading towards Harry's apartment a man started stumbling down the hall and towards another apartment, I assumed that he had just come from someone's apartment, probably the one with the loud music, I assume I was right because after he left another few people followed behind and the loud music instantly got switched off.

He was walking down the hall I noticed that he looked precisely Harry's age, he was a jet black haired man walking past with a smirk on his face looking me up and down,Harry pulled me close to him and gave the guy an intense glare back.

Harry's arm around my waist, whilst I have his jacket on.

Oh my.

As the guy walked past and into an apartment I assume was his own, you could smell the alcohol a mile away from him, it really was over powering but non the less I bet I didn't smell as great either, known the amount of alcohol I'd consumed tonight.

Harry was so lucky, even though he's had basically the same amount of alcohol as I have, he still somehow smelt utterly amazing.

With Harry's arm still draped around my waist, he was pulling the keys out of his jean pocket and held the door open for me to walk in.

"Classssyyyyy.. I likeeee ittt." I smirked as I walked into his apartment feeling exposed as I felt a glare trailing at the back of my dress, then as I turned around I noticed he'd been staining at my ass.

Tut, tut Harry.

I laughed as I saw harry still holding the door back with his eyes glazing my body up and down continuously, he then shook his head and smiled walking into the apartment.

Harry walked straight to the kitchen and I followed him, and then we both sat at the breakfast bar.

"Illll haveeee a coffeeee iffff yourr offeringgg" I slurred.

"Commmingggg rightttt up." Harry winked popping the "p" like I usually did.

As Harry stood at the kettle getting two coffees prepared for us to sober up, I admired the kitchen.

The marble table,the clock hanging on the wall, I couldn't help but feel intrigued by him, and what he was really like.

"Thisssss isss prettyyyy niceeee..." I admitted looking around the kitchen.

Harry shrugged, "it's nothhhing speciallll."

I shrugged and left the kitchen to explore the apartment.

It was a nice apartment I'll give him that.

One King size bedroom, a bathroom, a little living room connected to the kitchen, I must admit it if I moved here I'd probably buy a little place like this myself.

Walking past each little door I decided to take a look in his bedroom as it took the most interest to me.

Something about it just made it feel.. I don't know.. Homely to me.

The New York wallpaper he had hanging down over the wall of his bed, made it feel somehow like I was at home.

Something caught my eye in this room, and it wasn't the fact that it made me feel like I was at home because of the New York wallpaper.

It was the stunning pictures perfectly placed onto either of the plain black walls.

I took a step closer and decided to look at the pictures like they were art.

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