Chapter 19

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"Let's go guys, it's quarter past 3 now and we'll have to get going if Harry wants us to go round his by 4" Niall speaks looking at the clock.

"Come on then, let's go guys" I smile.

"Get your coats first" Mia laughs.

"Mia, it's nearly august, we don't need coats" I giggle.

"Okay okay, let's go" she laughs and grabs hold of Jordan's hand and I grab Liam's hand and we leave.

"Should we walk through the park?" Mia suggests.

"That's no where near Harry's is it?" I question.

"It's close to it, plus it's abit of a shortcut" she states.

"Yeah, she's right, it's quicker to go that way" Jordan speaks up.

"Well, through the park it is then" I laugh.

"I can't believe you two have made that little promise" Mia whispers to me with a huge smile on her face.

"I know" I smile back and look at my promise ring once again as we carry on walking to the park.

When we get to the park I see a familiar face.

Oh shit.

Why why whyyyyy.

"What are you doing here Nate?" I snarl making him turn around and look at me.

"Just with my friend playing ball" he smiles.

"Whatever" I sigh and carry on walking with the others.

"Hey guys" Nate smiles at them all.

Are you serious?, I tempt to say.

"What did I say last time" Niall huffs towards Nate.

Nate giggles at whatever Niall was referring to.

"What are you on about Ni?" Mia asks confused.

I'm glad she asked to be honest because I was just about to ask the same thing myself.

"Well, Nate tried to take Kate off us, and I gave him a few punches here and there" Niall laughs.

"Good one man" Liam laughs.

I mumble "that explains the black eye" and stifle a laugh.

"Uh.. can I speak with you?" Nate asks me innocently.

"No" I state.

"Please?" He begs.

"Whatever you need to say you can say infront of these" I shrug.

"No.. I really can't" he sighs looking down at the floor.

"Hi guys" the other guy says and walks over to Niall Liam and Jordan starting a conversation.

"Just say whatever you've got to say" Mia speaks up crossing her arms.

"Fine" he sighs and gets ready to tell us something.

"Guys guys! He's telling us all so listen I'm carefully" Mia shouts over to Niall Liam and Jordan.

They all automatically turn there heads and give Nate a death glare whilst bring there arms in a crossed position over there chests.

"Pressures on" Nate mumbles to himself.

"So? What is it?" I ask becoming impatient.

"Okay, Kate you know I love you and that I should never of left yo- wait.. what's that?!" He demands noticing my ring.

This should be funny.

"Engagement ring" I smirk.

I don't even know why I just said that, but I guess it'll make him back off.

"Fucking hell!" He exclaims throwing his hands in the air.

"What you bothered for anyway?" I stifle a giggle.

"Because I fucking love you Kate! What don't you understand about that!" He shouts frustratedly.

"Because you don't love me! You never did" I roll my eyes.

Then, he does something I don't even expect him to do.

Kneels down on one knee.

Oh shit.

"Kate.. Will you marry me? I don't have the ring yet but.. marry me baby? I know you love me too you can always leave that asshole who proposed to you and marry me instead" he smiles up at me.

"No!" I laugh.

"Come on baby, don't be like that" he whines.

"No Nate" I state.

"Fine be like that" he huffs getting up off his knees and begins to walk away, leaving his friend there with us.

"It's not even an engagement ring asshole, look closely" I mumble to myself so only I can hear but Mia seems to hear and smirks from next to me.

"You'll always love me!!" He shouts just before he goes out of sight.

"Bye guys nice meeting you!" The blonde haired boy smiles at us.

"Bye Luke! It was nice meeting you!" Liam shouts and we all wave as we watch Luke go completely out of sight running after a frustrated Nate.

Let's face it if Nate 'loves me' then he'd of known i was lying.

Or I'm just a really good actress.

"Let's go guys" I sigh.

"Come on then" they all agree and we begin walking to Harry's again, Liam moves and walks by my side.

"I'm sorry for saying we're engaged" I laugh.

"Don't worry about it" he giggles "it might keep him off your back anyway" he smirks.

"Let's hope!" Niall speaks from behind us.

Yeah, let's hope.



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