Chapter 34

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We arrived at an american dinner after being stuck in traffic for about half an hour.

This American diner is one of Harry's favorites apparently. We're now sitting at the table looking through the menu.

Harry puts his menu down and gets his phone out of his pocket, staring at something.

"What you staring at on there?" I ask looking over the menu I'm holding.

"Oh uh.. nothing" he stutters.

"Show me" I plead.

"Nothing" he shrugs.


"Kate" he mocks as he smiles and locks his phone, putting it on the table by mine.

I go to ask again, but the waitress comes over.

"Oh look who it is" she giggles standing on her high heeled platforms staring down at me and Harry.

"Oh so you work here now?" Harry asks, rolling his eyes staring up at the petite blonde.

"Have for about a week" she shrugs and then grabs ahold of her curly blonde hair and twists it around her fingers.

"Great" Harry rolls his eyes again.

"So, what can I get you two?" She asks.

"I'll have a strawberry milkshake and I'll have a" I go to finish but Harry interrupts.

"We'll have two strawberry milkshakes and two omelette's please" he speaks, twirling his thumbs together, not making eye contact with the blonde waitress.

"Oh sorry, we stopped serving breakfast things about 15 minutes ago" she shrugs.

"Well in that case, we'll have two of your American burgers please" he smiles at me.

I like burgers, so I don't mind.

"Sure" she trots away, not saying another word.

"Mind telling me what all that was about?" I ask Harry.

"All what?" He asks confused.

"All the "oh look who it is" and then "oh so you work here now" do you two have some sort of history or something because that was really awkward to watch" I laugh.

"No, well sort of" he begins to tap his fingers on the table.

"What's that meant to mean?" I question.

"She's a really old friend of mine I guess" he shrugs, no longer tapping his fingers on the table.

"You guess?" I ask confused.

"Well about two years ago, I used to hang around with completely different people than I do now" he states.

"Good or bad?"

"Bit of both, but I don't know.. it just brings up a lot of memories that I don't want to remember" he leans back in his seat.

I have nothing to say so I don't call him up on it.

"She used to go out with Zayn kind of"

"What's the deal with you and Zayn anyway?" I question.

"He was one of my bestfriend's at one point.. He's a close ish friend of mine now, but we used to be bestfriend's, look ill tell you about it later, just not right now when there's people around" he smirks and points over to the petite blonde at a table in the distance of the diner.

"Sure" I laugh.

About ten minutes later we're served our drinks and burgers.

"This is really nice" I speak once I swallow my first taste of the burger.

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