Chapter 18

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"What's the point in trying to get away sweetheart?" The hooded man spoke directly at me, bringing a blade carefully along my neck.

One slight movement and I could be dead.

One slight movement and I could bleed to death.

"Don't be afraid darling" he pushed me against the wall and quickly buried his head in the crook of my neck before he moved the blade and guided it to my arms, my stomach and back up again to my neck.

"I can kill you, but I'm not going to" he laughs and drops the blade.

"Do you want to know why darling?" He asks amused by his statement.

I nodded hesitantly, "because you can still give him what he wants, it's you either do that, or your dead" he threatens and pushes himself off of me, and instantly walking out of the room.

I jolt up from the bed, in a shock.

That voice is familiar.

But I can't be certain.

I don't know who the voice belongs to, nor do I know who's voice it is.

I immediately hear the sound of my phone ringing.

"Shut up!" I groan and grab it from the desk at the side of my bed.

"Go back to sleep" Liam mumbles from next to me.

"Hello?" I snap at the person on the phone, sitting up from bed and placing my two feet on the ground.

"Hey kate" Harry says from down the phone.

"What do you want Harry?" I mumble putting a hand to my head.

Jeez, I've got quite the hangover.

"Have I just woke you up?" He laughs from the other end of the phone.

"Mhm" I mumble really hoping to get back to sleep.

"Happy birthday" he says and I can tell he's smiling as he says this.

"Thanks" I laugh.

"No problem" he chuckles.

"Is that all you phoned me for?" I groan brushing a hand through my hair.

"No" he mumbles.

"What else?" I ask.

"I want you all to come over to mine so you can open your presents an-" he goes to carry on but I interrupt him.

"How come you've got all my presents?" I ask confused.

"Well" he starts "for starters, Liam drove my car to the restaurant there with you"

"I remember that bit.." I trail.

"What bit do you remember up to?" He asks.

"The bit where we started dancing" I say as I think back to last night and what I can remember of it.

"Seriously?" He groans.

"Mhm" I hum and look to my right as I see a snoring Liam next to me, cuddling into my waist.

"Not even the game?" He quizzes.

"What game?" I ask confused.

"The game where w- you know what it doesn't matter" he laughs "the reason I've got some of your presents is because Liam took my car and i wasn't drinking because I drove you guys home and in the party I loaded all the gifts you got into my car" he mumbles.

"Thankyou" I whisper lightly.

"What are you whispering for anyhow?" He asks comfused.

"Because Liam's asleep cuddled up to me" I mumble as quiet as possible.

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