Chapter 35

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"Hey Kate" Mia smiles as she walks in the living room.

"Hey Mi" I smile.

"Is Liam still asleep?" She questions.

I nod "yeah I don't blame him though he's probably shattered after that plane and he's been working all week"

"Yeah I know, I'm so glad his dad is better though" she smiles sitting down next to me.

"Niall just went the shop for some milk, he won't be gone long" I announce.

"That's fine, at least we can have a little bit of a girls time until Liam wakes up and Niall comes back" she laughs.

"So how are you doing?" I ask.

"Better, a lot better actually, thanks to Niall" she smiles to herself.

"Well my technical brother does have his ways" I smirk.

"And my technical brother does too" she laughs as she hears the guest bedroom door open that I'm staying in and Liam walks out looking as rough as ever.

"Did I just hear me be mentioned?" He laughs as he sits down next to me and wraps his arm around my shoulder.

I lean up and peck his cheek "yes, you did"

"I hope it was something good" he laughs again.

"Yeah all good things we're just saying how you and Niall can cheer us up when we need it, as well as having eachother" Mia explains to Liam.

"Speaking of which, are you okay Mi? Want me to go kick his ass?" Liam reply's, Mia to burst into a fit of laughter.

"What, I will" he says with all seriousness.

"Nothing, it's just funny because even though you didn't know Jordan that well, your willing to go kick his ass" Mia laughs.

"Well duh" he shrugs "isn't that what brothers, bestfriend's, family members and technical brothers do?"

"Suppose" she shrugs "it's fine, Niall sorted it kind of now anyway"

"Kind of?" I question.

"Yeah, when Niall saw Jordan and that other blonde bitch he ragged Jordan off her and punched him and kicked him a few times"

Liam scoffs "well I can do more than bloody punch and kick him a few times I'll kill Jordan when I next see him" he speaks with his jaw clenched. I rub my hand up and down his arm a few times, calming him down a little. He won't literally kill Jordan, he'll just give him a word and fight him and Niall will probably tag along too. I mean, that was what happened with Nate when we found out.

My phone buzzes from on the table and I lean forward to get it, hoping it's not another one of them dodgy unknown numbers again.

1 New Text- Aunty Claire.

Hey doll! Was wondering if you could mind Holly and Jamie for a few hours, you can bring a friend or two if you like, we'll be arranging things for the christening, if you can't mind them then please let me know ASAP!x

"Who is it?" Mia asks.

"Just my aunty,she's wondering if I could mind my cousins,she said I can bring a few friends" I tell her.

"Well tell her we'll be there in an hour at the latest" she grins wildly.

"Can't wait" Liam smiles "haven't seen them in like forever"he adds with a laugh.

"Liam" I laugh "you saw them the other week"

"No I never?" He looks confused as I say that he has.

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