Chapter 33

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"I don't think we should be walking down here" I whisper to Harry as we walk down a haunted alleyway.

"It's fine Kate, I'll protect you" Harry laughs.

"Why did you even want to come down here anyway?" I ask.

"Don't know to be honest, always wanted to walk down here and see what it's like" he laughs "not that scary to be honest"

"That scary?" I mimic.

"Yup" he nods.

"I think it's pretty freaking scary like, why did you even bring me down here?" I notice a shadow on the brick wall and jump out of my skin but realise that the shadows are mine and Harry's.

"Because I wanted to test you and see how'd you react" he shrugs.

"Idiot" i scoff and end up laughing as he laughs too.

We come to a dead end at the end of the alleyway.

"What are we meant to do now?" I ask.

There's seriously no way of getting out of here, only to walk back the way we just walked or to jump over them big metal doors with holes in.

"We could jump over that?" Harry points to the metal door.

I turn my gaze to the other one and see through the holes that someone is watching us.

"Harry" I whisper.

"What?" He asks and looks at me.

"Look" I point to the metal door "there's someone watching us"

"What no there i-" he's cut off by the sound of a gun being loaded.

"Harry! Run!" And we do just that.

"Kate! Keep going nearly there!" Harry shouts from behind me.

He insisted on being behind me so he could protect me, when really he should be next to me so we're both protected.

I look behind me to see if the figure is still there and it is. It stands at the end of the alleyway with a sniper in its hand watching our every move.

We rush out of the alleyway and stop when we get outside of it.

"Harry, I don't think that was a good idea" I whisper.

"I should never of brought you down there" he whispers back, shaking his head in disapproval.

Bang! We hear a gun going off from in the alleyway and luckily we're no where near the alleyway anymore.

"We're safe now" I speak as we both climb in his car and begin driving.

As we're driving, I see a hooded figure standing outside the alleyway watching us drive away, with the gun in there hand.


I jolt awake. I can't wait till the day these nightmares go.

My phone buzzes telling me that I have a new message.

I pick my phone up from the bed side table and see that I have two texts from Harry, one text from Liam and a text from an unknown number. I choose to open the one off the unknown number first.

"You have nightmares now but when we meet I'll be both of your worst ever nightmares"

I shudder and open Liam's text.

"Miss you babe xxx" I smile at my cute boyfriend and how he can cheer me up instantly. I send him a quick reply back saying "miss you :( can't wait to see you xxx"

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