Chapter 24

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"You all ready to go guys?" Niall ask as it's now 1 pm.

"Yep" I smile.

"So where are we going?" Harry asks from next to me.

"The zoo" Mia grins.

"Will I get to see the little penguins?" I gush.

"You sure will" Niall smiles.

"Ahhh!" I grin with excitement.

"I take it penguins are your favourite animal then?" Harry laughs from beside me.


"Of course!" I exclaim.

"If you think she's fangirling over penguins much now.. just wait till you see her when she's with them" Maddie laughs.

"I can't wait" Harry giggles.

"Guys!!!" I exclaim grabbing everyone's attention and standing up from the couch.

"Yes?" Niall laughs.

"Let's go to the zoo!" I grin and grab my cardy, considering it's quite chilly out today, ready for the hour drive to the zoo.

"Awwwww look at how cute the tiny little tiger is!" I gush.

We've been in the zoo about 3 hours now.

We've watched a bird show.

A seal show.

And an animal talent show and walked around with food and looked at all the different animals up to now.

We're just on our last round of animals and are currently looking at the White tiger cubs.

"Your so weird" Niall laughs, causing me too look at him confused "i mean.. your petrified of cats and then you love the biggest cats of them all" he laughs.

"I have an explanation" I point.

"I can't believe your scared of cats!" Harry speaks shocked.

"I'm sorry.. they just scare me like there claws are so long and they're wild and small and ugh I don't even know how to explain it but I don't like stray cats like they petrify me" I shudder "but I'm not petrified of tigers or lions" I shrug "but I guess that's because there caged up and they're so pretty" I smile.

Harry raises his hand "I agree with Niall" he laughs and puts his hand down "seriously though I do agree with Niall because your so weird" he says and sticks his tongue out at me.

"Shut up" I laugh.

"Here you go guys!" Mia speaks handing us all a bottle of pop each.

"Thanks" I smile.

"Thanks Mi" Niall winks to her.

"Thanks Mia" Harry speaks as we all take the bottle of drink from her.

Harry gets out his phone and starts taking photographs of the animals surrounding us.

"Kate?" He says.


"Guess where we're going next" he smirks.

What's he getting at?

"Where?" I question.

"To see the penguins!" He exclaims and I grin wildly and see a flash go off right I front of my face.

"Have you just took a picture of me?" I laugh.

"Yeah" he giggles as he looks at the picture.

"Hey! Delete it!" I giggle.

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