Chapter 31

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I wake in a gasp from my nightmare. I don't see the point in them. I have them mostly every day. I honestly can't wait until the day I don't have them anymore. Hopefully that will happen.

The same person. The guy in the hoodie. Never to be shown. Everytime I almost get a glimpse, I wake instantly.

I'm brought from my thoughts as I hear my phone ringing loudly. Dammit. I have such a bad headache. I reach across the bed and grab my phone from the night stand.

"Hello?" I speak as I pick up.

"Hey babe" I smile, god I've missed him.

"Hey Li, how's things with your Dad?" I question.

"He's improving, a lot actually, he's a lot better than when I got here" Liam tells me truthfully.

Thank god.

"That's good news" I smile widely, sitting up in my bed and leaning my head against the headboard.

"How are you?" Liam asks.

"I'm okay, bot a headache though" I laugh "but it's nothing I'm not used to"

"Hangover?" He laughs.

"You could say that" I stifle another laugh and roll my eyes at my boyfriend, though he can't see me.

Before you say it, no I am not an alcoholic I'm just a college girl,on summer break. It's allowed, isn't it?

"I miss you so much Kate" he speaks desperately.

"I miss you too Liam" I smile at how sweet he is.

"I can't wait to see you" he pleads.

"I can't wait to see you either" I blush. God I miss him so damn much.

"How is everyone?" He questions.

"Everyone is fine, Mia and Jordan aren't together no more" I clarify.

"What why?" He almost snaps.

"Kate! Get your ass up now! It's almost 2 o clock in the afternoon!" I hear the very familiar Irish accent waking me up. Evem though I'm already awake.

"Are you still in bed?" Liam laughs.

"Yeah" I laugh "uh I'll talk to you later Li Nialls gunna kick my ass if I don't get up"

"Sure, I'll call you later love you babe, make sure you tell Mia Niall and Harry I said hi" he speaks sweetly about his friends.

"Will do, love you too Li" I blush and put the phone down.

"Kate!" I hear again.

"Dammit Niall I'm awake!" I groan.

"Good, I'm coming in" he speaks from the other side of the bedroom door, walking in.

"Morning Niall" I smile sleepily.

"Afternoon you mean Kate" he laughs.

"Yeah yeah" I roll my eyes "what's the rush?"

"That it's 2 o clock in the afternoon" he giggles.

"Fine get me some paracetamol" I groan.

"Of course" he laughs once again and steps out of the guest bedroom.

I stand up from the bed, fixing it after myself and pick out today's clothes. A black striped vest top with my black studded shorts with my white vans.

"Here's your paracetamol and water" Niall speaks as he walks back into my bedroom.

"Thanks Ni" I nod in appreciation, taking them off him.

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