Chapter 21

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"Your so lucky to be getting in here quickly whilst everyone else has to wait" Mia speaks to Harry.

"My uncles the best though" he chuckles.

"You can say that again" Niall speaks still shocked at the queue that we didn't have to wait in.

"I'm allowed in without having to que because I'm a family member and I'm allowed whatever so" Harry shrugs as if it's nothing.

I pick up my glass and take a sip of water from it, making eye contacts with Harry as I drink it.


He then spots my ring again and rolls his eyes.

I don't see what his problem is to be honest.

It's not like it's an engagement ring or anything.

"You know, I hope Nate isn't on his shift right now" I speak as I place my glass back down on the table.

"He's not" Harry states.

"How do you know?" I quiz.

"Because I checked to see if he is or not, his shift starts at 7 today so we should be good" he smirks.

"Thanks Harry" Liam speaks from beside me.

"No problem man" Harry nods.

"So, what food are you guys ordering?" Jordan speaks up.

"Yeah, let's order, I'm starving" Niall groans making me Mia and Liam all look at him with a serious expression.

"Your always hungry" we all state at the same time.

"Let's just order" Niall shrugs.

We each pick up our menus and sit silently looking through it for a few minutes.

"Do you guys know what your ordering?" We hear and all look up from our menus.

"Zayn" Harry spits out shocked.


The mysterious guy from across the hall from Harry.

"Hey Harry" Zayn smirks.

"Okay, well.. I'll have the chicken pizza please" Niall speaks breaking the awkwardness.

"And for you?" Zayn asks Mia as we all get ready to place our orders.

"I'll have a beef curry please" she announces.

We all tell Zayn our orders and Zayn stops by Harry and whispers something in his ear, whilst Harry is clenching his teeth and glaring at me.

What the hell?

Zayn walks away with a smirk on his face, obviously knowing that something he has just said has got to Harry.

"You okay? I mouth to Harry and he just nods, with his jaw tensed.

Harry stands up very quickly and mumbles "I'll be back soon, I'm going outside" and leaves in flash not letting anyone of us reply.

I wonder what Zayn said to upset him.

"What's up with him?" I hear Mia speak.

"I-I don't know, I'll be back soon" I say standing up quickly.

"No he'll be fine" Liam says grabbing my arm and pulling me back.

"He won't talk to any of us, just let Kate try" Mia speaks.

"Fine, just come back okay?" He pouts.

"Sure" I speak and reluctantly turn and begin to walk outside to Harry.

When I get through the door that leads outside I see Harry walking up and down, in circles, and back again on a continuous cycle as he rubs his hands in his hair frustraatedly, until his eyes snap up to mine and he stops and shakes his head 'no'.

"Haz.. What's up?" I ask.

"Leave me alone Kate" he mumbles.

"What did Zayn say?" I try to get through to him again.

"Shit" he spits out.

"Come on Harry you can tell me" I speak and walk over to him placing my hand on his arm and rubbing it up and down whilst I still have my other arm wrapped aroundmt waist as it's freezing out here.

Mia was right to be honest, we should of brought jackets.

It's quite cold for summer.

"I know.. but.." He trails looking down at the floor and gulping hugely.

"Haz" I speak, still rubbing his arm for comfort.

"I'm worried Kate" he mumbles, not making eye contact with me.

"About what Harry?" I ask confused.

"You" he speaks almost mute.

Me? What's that mean?

"Me?" I question, moving my hand up to his chin to make him to make eye contact with e.

His eyes meet mine and I see pain in them for some reason.

"Yeah, I'm worried about you" he speaks, bringing one hand up to brush a bit of wild hair out of my face as it is being blew about by the rain, he tucks it behind my ear and stares at me wildly, not saying a word with his hand still upon my cheek.

"What did Zayn say Haz?" I ask again, breaking the silence.

"He said that y- you know what it doesn't matter, all that matters to me right now is you" he spoke, looking me directly in the eyes "and I'm going to protect you no matter what it takes" he adds.

"Protect me from what?" I question.

He opens his mouth to speak but is interrupted by Liam's voice coming from behind me "you guys coming in? The dinners just arrived!" He announces, holding the door back fr us to walk through.

"Sure I'll be there now" I say and he nods and walks back inside.

"Harry tell me" I speak.

"It doesn't matter, come on dinners ready" he says and walks into the restaurant without saying a word of what I need to be protected from and what Zayn said, leaving me no choice but to follow him and walk back into the restaurant.



Oooo, what or who do you think Kate needs protecting from?

What do you think Zayn whispered to Harry?

Hope you liked it🙊

Sorry I haven't posted in a whilst, I've been really busy with exams and revision.

Thanks for reading!

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