Chapter 13

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"You ready?" Liam asks, walking into the bedroom.

"Yeah" I smile and give myself one last look over in the mirror.

"What do you think?" i ask, turning around.

"Beautiful" he smiles and kisses my cheek and then whispers in my ear "as always" he then gives my cheek one last peck before he pulls away and walks out of the bedroom.

"Where's Mia and Jordan?" I ask Liam, walking out of the bedroom.

"Uh.. they already left I think" he laughs.

"Oh crap" I laugh "should I call Harry then?" I ask, grabbing my phone.

"Sure" he smiles "just ask him where he is" he laughs.

"Haha, okay" I laugh and go into my contacts to find his number.

"Ahh, here it is" I mumble, pressing dial and putting the phone up to my ear.

A few seconds later I hear Harry mumble "mhm" down the phone.

"Hi Harry, where are you? what time are you picking us up to go the fair?" I ask, excitedly.

"Hi Kate" I hear from down the phone.


That's not Harry.

I pick the phone from my ear to check if I've called the right person, Yep.

"Harry" it reads.

"Uh, Harry?" I ask, unsure of who I'm speaking to.

"I'll see you at the fair babe" is all I hear and I hear the line go dead.

That's not Harry.

It's Nate.

"What the fuck just happened?!" I exclaim.

"Liam, we gotta hurry to Harry's now" I say grabbing my jacket off the couch.

"What's happened?" he asks, confused.

"Nate has" i sigh "again" I open the door, and make sure I've got everything before we go.

"I'm sick of him" Liam mumbles, balling his fists up.

"Come on, talk on the way" I say, ushering him to get out of the apartment.

I can hardly remember the way to Harry's.

But I have a fair idea.

Bloody hurry up Kate.



REMEMBER!!! I mentally scream to myself whilst locking the door.

"What happened?" Liam asks urgently.

"Nate" I whine "I fucking hate him" I grumble.

"I know,so do i" he sighs, stuffing his hands in his pockets.


Why did he even have to come to Cheshire in the first place.

I'd rather of left him in New York, Where I thought I did.

But no, I guess I'm the Shepard here.

And he's literally a little sheep that won't leave me alone.


"What exactly happened Kate?" Liam asks.

"Well, I called harry didn't i?" I sigh "well at least I thought I did" I mumble.

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