Chapter 12

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"Woah" Niall says, looking at Harry,Walking into the living room.

"What the hell happened Harry?" Mia exclaims.

"Nate did" he sighs, sitting on the couch bringing his head in his hands.

"What do you mean?" I ask, confused, sitting down next to Liam.

"Nate done it" he gestures towards his face.

"I swear that guys getting more and more on my bad books every day" Liam grumbles.

"Why the hell would he do that?" I exclaim.

"Well he thinks we're a couple" he says rubbing the back of his neck.

"He what now?" I burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" he asks.

"He's just jealous because I'm out with you as friends when I won't even speak to him" I laugh, which causes everyone else to laugh.

"He's Jealous alright" Liam says, kissing the top of my head.

"When's he never not jealous?" I laugh.

"Never" Niall mumbles.

"Wait.. so he had a fight with you because he thinks we're a couple?" I question.

"Yeah, he was all like 'back away from her dude' 'she was mine she is mine and she always will be mine' he's quite the possessive one if you ask me" Harry laughs.

"Possessive is Nate" Niall speaks.

"So Harry.. Would you like to tell us exactly what happened?" Liam asks.

Harry's P.O.V

"Sure.. Well at first I went to my uncles shop this morning and Nate was there" I trail.

"Wait.. I thought culture cuisine only opened at noon?" Kate asks confused.

"Well it is, but my uncle asked me to come down and see him because he needed to finish some paper work off so he asked me to come down and start stacking chairs etc, so it's ready for when the customers come" I sighed and added "well of course I did, only when I got there Nate was on his way out" i said looking at everyone's expressions, they were mostly shocked, but some confused.

"So you got there and Nate was on his way out?" Mia asks, dumbfounded.

"Yeah.. But it'll all make sense in a minute" I sighed "So Nate was on his way out and about half an hour later I'd finished preparing the restaurant for my uncle, so then I asked Jase, my uncle, what Nate was doing here and he said that he was checking if there was any extra shifts for him to take so he offered him an extra shift, and he took it" I stopped.

"I still don't understand" The blonde haired one said.

"Shh Niall he'll tell us now" Kate spoke.

"Carry on Harry" Mia told me.

"Okay, so I'd finished helping my uncle and he told me it'd be best if I was to go home now since there was nothing else he needed help with and that he'd be leaving the restaurant soon anyway" I pause then carry on "so then I stepped out of the restaurant and I was yanked back by someone who I was unknown to" I laugh.

"So Nate waited until you'd finished helping your uncle out side the restaurant?" The brown haired one asks.

"I guess, but anyway when I got outside he pushed me against the wall and started throwing punches at me, and when he did that I pushed him off me and started throwing punches back, but I was too strong for him so he couldn't get out of my hold, he could only kick and punch me, hence why there's cuts and everything all over my head" I say, gesturing to my head with my hand "when he told me he was with Kate and that she's his, I told him he's delusional because she's already got a boyfriend but before I could tell him who her boyfriend is, he pushed me off him with all his strength, spat at me and shouted leave her the hell alone she's mine and took off, just like that" I admitted.

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