Chapter 17

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I honestly don't know how long I've been standing outside thinking now.. and to be honest I think everyone's forgot about me considering its my birthday party and all.

I hear soft hums of a bird in the night sky, and look to my feet and see there's a pigeon, humming away his own little song.

I smile at the moment, and watch as the cars go by, as I've done for the past probably 45 minutes or so and think.

I've done nothing but think since that encounter with Harry.

I'm brought back from my thoughts by someone placing there hands around my waist "I've missed you baby" I hear him whisper down my ear.

"Fuck off Nate" I spit.

"No" he chuckles.

"Seriously" I sigh "just leave me alone already" I huff trying to pull his hands away from my waist although he just gets a tighter grip on my waist pulling me closer to him and started kissing my shoulder blades.

I try shoving him off, but it's no use.

"I would of left you along a long time a go if I could princess" he mumbles in between kisses.

"Nate!" I say sternly "just fucking leave me alone!" I shout angrily, making him pull away and I turn my head and give him a glare and he just raises both his hands and I turn my head back around to the cars passing on the street once again.

"I'd listen to her if I was you"I hear the strong familiar Irish accent from behind me.

I turn and see Niall standing there facing Nate.

"And what if I don't" Nate protests.

Seriously Nate.

Just fucking leave me alone.

I turn around to walk back in but Nate grabs my arm and Niall gives him a 'what the hell do you think your doing' glare.

"Come on baby" Nate begs "let's go" he smiles casually.


As though he'd done nothing wrong.

Get a reality check divi, you've done a lot of things wrong.

"Leave me alone" I mutter and begin to walk back into the club again but I'm caught by my hand being tugged back again.

I don't understand what he doesn't get about the words 'leave me alone'.

"What?" I raise both eyebrows.

"Come home with me" he sighs "we need to talk" he hesitates.

"You always 'just want to talk' Nate, just leave me alone for now" I sigh.

"No but ba-" he starts but Niall punches him in the face interrupting what he was going to say.

"What the hell Niall?" He states angrily.

"That's for not listening to her and leaving her alone" he states and we both begin to walk back into the club but I notice Niall has stepped back to Nate, I turn around to grab him but he's already up to something.

"And this is for always treating her like shit!" He spits and punches Nate a few times before he pulls away, smooths his jacket and places his hand on my back.

"Let's go back inside" he smiles at me leaving me speechless.

I turn around and glance at Nate and he's just in shock.


Not moving.

Like a statue.

Serves him right, he had it coming I laugh to myself.

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