Chapter 20

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About 10 minutes later we arrived at Harry's.

I'm still in complete shock at what just happened in the park.

"Hey Haz!" Mia smiles as he opens the door.

"Hey guys! Come on in" he smiles and gestures for us to come in.

"Hi Harry" I smile, to the best I can.

"Hey Kate" he says as he gives me a knowing look as if to say 'I know there's something wrong' but let's it pass, he'll probably ask me about it later.

We all walk in the door and I instantly spot a huge pile of presents sitting in the living room.

"What's up?" Harry asks.

"Who-who's are all these?" I ask quietly staring at the huge amount of presents I front of me.

"Come and sit down guys" I hear Aleighsha say.

"There yours" he laughs "you are the birthday girl and all"

"Uh-I-i" I mumble but don't manage any words.

Harry chuckles at my loss for words and places a hand on my lower back, "go sit down and you can open your presents" he smiles and I obey, doing exactly as he says.

Present after present after present I opened until there's finally one left.

"This ones from me" Harry smiles and passes me a present from beside me on the couch.

I take the wrapping paper off and open it to find a beautiful Michael Kors watch "I can't accept this, you don't need to spend anything on me" I mumble, pushing the watch back over to Harry.

He immediately pushes the watch back and laughs "Kate, just accept it, it's your birthday and I wanted to treat you" he smirks.

I smile "fine okay" I give in "thanks Haz" I walk over to the sofa and sit down.

"Here open this one" Harry says as he sits down and hands me a gift.

"Thanks" I laugh and look at the name tag.

"To Kate,

Happy birthday!

Love you lots xoxo


I smile at the little tag and everyone looks at me suspiciously "well? Who's it off?" Liam says from next to me.

"Ben" I laugh, I really love my little gay bestfriend.

"Aw he's so cute, did you see him and that guy lastnight?!" Mia exclaims.

"Woah woah woah what guy?" I ask.

"I don't know" she shrugs "but I seen him with a guy" she grins.

"He's so cute" I laugh and take the wrapping paper off and find a bottle of perfume; Gucci guilty.

My favorite.

I opened the rest of my presents and I was nearly on my last one, I just had two left.

I go to grab a gift and Harry playfully slaps my hand away and I give him an 'are you serious look'.

"That's my present, I want you to save the best till last" he winks.

"Fine fine" I laugh and open the next present.

"Happy birthday my fave, love you x


I open the present and found a beautiful silver necklace with a charm attached to it with little beads coming off it.

"Aw that's nice" Mia spoke up.

"Yeah, it's lovely isn't it?" I smile and put the necklace back in the box.

"My ones next!!" Harry exclaims excitedly.

Jeez boy, calm down will you.

"Pass it over then" I laugh and roll my eyes.

"Here" he grins and hands me a gift sized the shape of a cube.

"Be careful" he adds as I pick It up and listen to see if it's anything breakable, and I hear jingling inside the box.

"Sorry sorry" I laugh and put it back down on my lap and take off the wrapping paper.

A pandora bracelet.

"Haz youu-you didn't ne-" I begin but Harry interrupts me.

"Hey, I wanted to treat you so I bought you that" he smiles and reaches his hand out to grab the bracelet.

I give it to him and put my left arm out for him to put it on me.

As he holds my hand I see his facial expression drop from a happy one to a look of.. pain.

Then I see what his eyes are fixed on; my promise ring.

I go to call him up on it but he smiles again, but for some reason I still see that look of pain in his eyes.

I wonder why.

"There you go" he smiles as the clasp is fastened.

He just nods and quickly checks his watch "it's quarter to four guys, let's go" he says and ushers us all out of the door and we all get in Harry's car, squished because there's seven of us.

"Where do I sit?" I laugh as I'm about to get into the full car.

Im grabbed my waist and pulled against someone's lap, I look and see it's Liam.

"Didn't want you to walk" he whispers into my shoulder and I see from the mirror Harry scowling at us but when he notices I'm watching him, he winks and begins to drive.

I wonder what his problem is.


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