Chapter 30

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What Are You Doing Here | JANEE & Casey Breves

"Mother! Do I have to go to school?"I asked her as she sighed looking at the time.

"You don't have to, your still not healed."I nod as she smiled.

"Okay, you stay home. Don't open the door for no one. Don't burn anything, don't touch anything your not allowed to. What you can do is try finishing your missing work. You may call for food. But don't open for someone else you might not know."I nod and she kissed my forehead.

"Okay, see you later."She said and went out to take my brother to school.

I wanted to stay home because my body was hurting me even more. I keep getting pain on my arms the most.

My mother is going to a job interview. She said she lost the job because she would get there late. She found it two days ago. They wanted her to come today since they weren't busy.

It was some type of Secretary stuff or something. But I honestly don't know.

"Did your mother leave?"I jumped to turn my head to see my father.

"Uh...yeah,"I said and he went to his car opening the garage again.

He got in and started his car. And he left me to put the garage door down. I sighed and closed the door.

I went to the living room like a penguin. I am trying to walk, but it's just too hard. I heard the doorbell ring and was confused.

Who could that be? My parent and brother just left the house. I walked to the door and look at the peephole to see Jin.

What's he doing here? Why is he here? I don't even want to talk to him. Not after what I've heard.

"I know you're in there Sara!"I gulped and touched the lock.

"Please! Just open the door and tell me why you've been ignoring me! You blocked me from calling you even my home phone number!"I sighed and opened the door slowly.

"Fina---What the hell happened to you!"I flinched and shook my head.

"It's none of your business,"I said and he glared at me.

"Yes it is, I'm your friend."

"Look don't play with me, I get it. I heard you and your friends talking about me on Sunday. I forgive you but I won't forget what you did."His eyes widen and held the door.

"You got it--."I cut him off.

"We don't have to be friends, we can just say hey or what's up. But it's best for us to be separated."I said and he closed the door while walking in front of me.

I moved back as he came closer. I was going to slip onto the couch but a hand on the waist caught me.

"Don't cut me when I'm trying to talk!"I gulped shivering in fear.

What is he doing? I should've never opened the door. I wish I didn't.

"I'm sorry if you want say something go ahead,"I told him and he held me tight.

"At first it was a dare. A bet, but the next two days. There was something good about you that I couldn't hold on. There wasn't anything different about you. But your personality was just strange. Not human-like. After that, I kind grew a fond to you. You seemed more confusing every single day. I wouldn't even think you would make me feel hurt the way you're looking right now."I winced as he pressed his hand on my waist.

"Does that hurt?"I nod and feeling warm tears coming through my eyes.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, I should've never caught you off and listened. Everyone has their own point of view to speak about. Not just mine."I said as he smiled.

"And that's what like about you."I stare at him with wide eyes.

"Are you hungry because I'm starving!"

I shook my head and cover my hand to my mouth. I yawn and felt tired.

"I'm going to my room and take a nap. Make yourself at home."I slowly walked but felt arms under my leg.

I squeal as I saw how above the floor I was and looked at Jin who's smiling. I held more of the pain and kept turning my head to bit my lip.

"Now my Arctic Penguin, would you like me to take you to your bed?"I nod and he walked up the stairs then to my room.

"Thank you,"I said with a small smile and he nods putting me down on my bed.

"Do you need anything else?"I shook my head and turned my body to the wall.

"I'm sleeping here, scoot!"I rolled my eyes and turned my head to look at him.

I moved and he came in. I shook my head and turned myself the other way slowly. I stare at the picture of me and my family.

We were happy. I guess. We were strong and passionate about life. The living and for its reason.

Now none of them know. Because they think being in America means being colonized by their culture not from where you follow.

"Does it hurt? I know I keep asking that, I just want to know."I sighed.

"It's fine for now,"I told him and I heard him sigh.

"Who did it to you?"

"Whoever did it, I already forgave him,"I said as I heard him groan.

"Seriously! Who did this to you!"He sounded angry and I pulled my blanket tight.

" father."

I felt him jult up and move. I turned to see him in front of me while his arms are between me.

"What! And you didn't say anything."I sighed and shiver.

"That's because he was my father. I forgave him. He's been going through a rough time. You might not understand but I do."I told him and he looked at me confused.

"Care to explain."He sat down and I sighed looking at him.

"Don't tell anyone, promise."I hold out a pinky and he looked at it.


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