Chapter 8

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One Last Time | Ariana Grande

"Seems like your friends with him too."I looked to see my brother Hamid staring at me from my door.

"I guess, look. I'm shocked as you to know they go to our school."I told him and he sighed.

"Should we switch schools and maybe try something out with them."

I rub my temples with my hand and put my leg on the side of my desk to push me with my chair. I swear this is something hard to explain.

"We shouldn't be afraid of people, Hamid. We should be afraid of Allah because he as the power to do things. Just let them be and show their strength. There is always something that weakens their heart."I told him and he leaned on the wall sighing.

"So let's see and watch?"I nod as he rolled his eyes.

"Or we can just tell on them."I stare at him and look at how stupid he is.

"Since when did you become a girl."

"What?"I stood up and hit my book playfully on his head while he frowned.

"You act like those girls from those schoolgirl books. Don't be a sissy."I said and he rolled his eyes.

"Okay, but what are you going to do?"He asked and I smiled.

"What you said let's see and watch,"I said and he whines behind me.

"Ah, before you say anything. We need to go talk to your friends from the valley. Seems like they want to know if you're okay."I said and his eyes widen.

"I'll see you later."I chuckle as he ran out of my room.

That's one way to get him out of my room.

"So what are you guys talking about?"I turned to see Jin in his room.

He was looking at me with a smile as I rolled my eyes. I got closer to my window and smiled.

"Seems like my brother needs help to grow tougher. He seems like a weakling to me."He smirked and chuckled.

"Really?"I nod and heard my brother from his room.

"SARA WE HAVE TO GO, MOM SAID SHE HAS TO MEET HER SISTER."I turned my head to the door and sighed.

"I got to go, I'll text you later,"I said and closed my window to cover it.

I went to change into a red sweater and black jeans. I put on an army coat and got out my cute black socks. I got out of my room with my bag and phone. I walked down the stairs and put on my black Nike air shoes.

I got out to see my mother getting her car out of the garage. I closed the door and went to the car. I opened the door and sat in shotgun. She closed the garage and she drove.

"Hamid when you get there, sit down and don't act like a child, Sara you have to say Salam to your aunt and cousin do you understand. You both behave it's not a wedding."I glared at my mother as my brother laughed.

"Put the radio on."

"No, I'm not your channel one on one. You listen to your music on your phone, I'll drive with no music. My car, my decision."I stare at them and he pouted.

"I'll turn Kiss Fm for you,"I said turning it on since it's the only radio I know in use of new songs.

But they play songs over and over again. I might as well put my own Afghan music up.

I stare outside the window and look at the sky. It's beautiful but better at night. When you can see the stars and relax. No one out. Just dark and cozy.

I got my back out and took out the book Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

"Yes I get that but you need to understand they are liars. I told you already so why do you follow them around."I shook my head as my mother talks about their drama.

I'm kinda ticked off already. If you told someone is a liar you are a liar yourself if you don't know them well. Only Allah knows everything. But sometimes if somethings up and you know who's actually wrong.

It's okay. But not tell the whole universe about it because it's none of your business. And it's none of your business if someone's following someone.

If they don't listen to you once, how are they doing to listen to you twice. How are they going to get through it without learning? What I'm saying is yes they need to learn the understand of people. But again, there is another side that says you should help them not go into the bad side of others.

We finally made it and I got out. I looked at the house and see my mother walk inside.

"Shall we go in?"My brother asked and I nod following behind him.


I got home and it was late. I was either sitting looking at the wall or hours and eating food. Either way. I was bored. I slouch as my mother stared at me.

"You're going to ruin your back, when you get older you will look more older."I stare at her as she walked inside.

I got inside and went to go get comfy in my sweats. I put a long sleeve shirt and a jacket just to get warm. I put my clothes in the laundry bin and got out to go to the bathroom. I wash my face and brush my teeth.

I put my moisturizer and went to my room. I got into bed and heard my phone ring on my nightstand. I look to see a text from Jin.

Jin: How was it?

Me: Boring and I'm really tired.

Jin: Good night :)

Me: Good night!

"YAH ALLAH ARE YOU CRAZY!"I heard my mother yell from down the stairs and I got up from my bed.

I walked out of my room to see my brother wearing a mask. I wanted to laugh but it wasn't the time. I ran down the stairs and see my parents fighting again.

"This won't end would it?"I shook my head and saw my father look at us.

"What kind of children do I have, what did you put in your face!"He yelled at my brother as he smirked.

"A face mask, which smooths my face compared to Sara's."I glared at him and he ran up after my father glared at him.

"And what are you doing?"He asked me and I crossed my arms.

"I have school, he has school. We have to sleep. Keep your voices down or go outside and yell so the neighbors could call the police and end your yelling." I sighed walking up and went to my room.

I laid on my bed. I sighed looking at the closed window. I'll get through this.

"One last time..."

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