Chapter 27

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Version of Me | Sasha Sloan

I sat alone at home again. My mother dropped my brother off to the library. My parents are both at work.

And it's been only a few hours after I've prayed. I'm just reciting dua's over and over again.

I'm just staring at the wall and trying to live at peace for a moment. The moment that I'm still alive. I know it's something I'm not used to doing but it's giving me comfort.

I heard something thrown at the window and I got up to go open my curtains. I open my window and saw Jin smiling.

"Can I come over?"I nod and he smiled getting down.

I went to lay in bed under my covers. I sighed and see him get inside. He closed my window and sat on my bed next to me.

"Okay so, I found out that if you eat 1,627 candy corns you will die!"I stare at him as he looked down at me.

"Who would want to eat that much candy corns?"I asked him as he laid down and smirked.

"I thought maybe you or your brother."I glared at him and sat up slowly.

"Also my parents are loud since they are having a party with their families. I thought of coming here since it's quiet."I nod and felt a little dizzy.

I think I'm hungry or it's because of how much of a headache is pinging me.

"I'm going to get some snacks, do you want any?"I asked him and he shook his head.

"Just bring whatever you have."

I got out of bed and went out of my room to go downstairs. I went to the kitchen and felt even dizzy. I held the wall and sighed.

I slowly walked to the snack closet and opened it to see a bunch of snacks. I grabbed a few and started taking them upstairs.

I went to my room and put the snacks on my nightstand. I turned my head to see Jin asleep. I went close to him and he was snoring a little. His hair sure is messy today.

I got up and looked at how he's sleeping. He's foot is all out of the bed. The house is cold and he might be freezing.

I touch his shoulder and see him move. I move my hand away and sighed. I went to the other side and held his shoulders. I slowly and carefully moved his head onto my pillows. I slowly pick up my blankets by pulling them from the bottom.

I put it on him and tuck him in. I remover doing this to my brother when he was younger. And when he was just a little tiny baby. I loved kids and I still do.

I heard my phone ring and I went to go get it from my nightstand. I grab it and answer the phone.

Me: "Salam?"

Mother: "Salam, check the fridge to see what we need, I'll be picking groceries after work."

Me: "Yeah, give me a moment."

I took chips with me and went out slowly. I got out and started walking down the stairs. I went to the kitchen again and look into the fridge.

Me: "Let's See, Peppers, Celery, Red onions, tomatoes, Mozzarella cheese, Hamburger and hotdog buns, and ketchup."

Mother: "anything else?"

Me: "Radish and Mint. Ice cream since that was all finished last night by Hamid. I think we need Gatorade. So that's it."

Mother: "Check if there are apples or fruits."

Me: "Yeah we have apples and a bunch of fruits."

Mother: "Okay, Thank you! Bye"

She hung up and I closed the fridge. I started eating chips and felt someone around. I turned to see no one. But the shadow disappeared quickly.

"Am I hallucinating again?"I mumble and saw a hand out.

I follow it and look to see no one there. I shook off my head while saying al-ayat-kursi over and over again.

I walked back upstairs and still see Jin alseep in my room. I sat on my chair where my desk is. I look at the window and stare at it.


"Sara?"I heard a hard voice and turned my head to see Jin waking up.

"Good morning to you."I sarcastically told him as he rubbed his eyes.

"Do you want me to make anything? Because I thought of making pizza. It's still baking in the oven."I said as he nods smiling.

"I want to wash my face, where is the bathroom?"He asked me as he got up from my bed.

"If you go left there is a door by this room."I said as he nodded walking out of my room.

"I'll have to check the pizza."I said and walked out of my room to go downstairs.

I got to the kitchen and put on my mittens to check the tray. I open and see and it still need a little more time. I close it and sighed.


I heard and flinch from the shout. That reminds me of my own father shouting my name before he hits me.

"I'm downstairs."I said and hear steps of running.

I looked to see an angry Jin and he grabbed my arms tightly making me flinch again. I gulped as he looked around me.

He's scaring me. The rage in his eyes and the anger in him. His anger is slowly getting worse.

"You said the pole fell? But I didn't see anyone besides your family come home and those are hard to fix since it has a big hole on the wall. So why is it still up?"I gulped feeling my anxiety rise up.


I could breath but I gasped for air. I kept trying to push his hands away but it kept bring me closer to him.

I couldn't breath well after that. He's scary. He's just like my father. He's going to hurt me.

"Sara! Sara! Breathe."I felt arms around my waist and I gasp for air feeling a hand rub my back.

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm sorry."I coughed and sniffed breathing slowly.

"You sit down, I'll get you some water."He said as he made me sit on the stool.

He handed me a glass of water and I took a sip. It kept hitting my throat which hurt. I put it down then slowly breathed in and out.

"I...I'm sorry!"I cried and felt arms around me which I could hear his heart beating against my head.

"No, it's not your fault. Don't cry, not for my mistake."

"You don't have to tell me what is going on, I'll check the pizza."I stare at him as he went to go check the pizza in the oven.

I really want to tell him, but I know I can't. It's to hard. I can't tell anyone. It will hurt me and my family.

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