Chapter 4

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Broken | Lund

"SARA WAKE UP!"I woke up and groan looking at the ceiling.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I got out slowly and went to the bathroom to wash my face. Then I brush my teeth looking at how ugly I look. I spit and wash my mouth and walked out. I went down the stairs and see my father glaring at me.

"Wake up, it's almost one o'clock."I stare at the time on the microwave and frowned.

"It says ten,"I said and he rolled his eyes.

"I don't want you sleeping all day, go do something. And eat breakfast."

I swear I'm going to kill myself. But I can't since that's haram. Let's fake my death. Wait lying is also haram. Why!

"The neighbors are going to come and talk with us, you wear something nice. And no makeup."I turned my heel and started running to my room.

He has to invite everyone. I closed my windows and pulled the window panels to cover it. The room was dark like I wanted it.

I wore a blue sweater that says "don't care" and some black sweats. I brush and fix my hair. I put it in a bun which took forever!

I then started to fix my makeup. I put the poreless primer, foundation, concealer under my eyes. I look like a raccoon who hates everyone. I put mascara and looked at myself. I don't look bad. But I am still ugly.

Astagfirallah! I forgot that this is the neighbors, and Jin is my only neighbor. I sighed and smiled at my great makeup style. I put a little perfume to get my period to smell out.

Yes, I have my period. I got it last night after I came home. I was annoyed because I wanted to sleep comfortably.

I don't go anywhere or let anyone besides my family without makeup. I guess you can say I'm insecure about my look. I have since my freshman year.

High school sucks.

"Sara the neighbors are here."I heard my mother say and I got out as she smiled.

"There is a pimple on your cheek."I glared at her as she looked around my face.

"Yeah, keep hiding those."

I push her hand and walked downstairs with my phone in my pocket. I look at my Instagram and saw everyone at a party.

Whatever I don't like parties anyway. I turned it off and looked to see my father patting my head.

"Can you later walk to pick up Hamid from his friend's house?"I frowned and looked at him.

His friend's house? He never told me he went. And why does he go when I can't even step out of the house by myself to go to the park?

"Fine, just tell me the address,"I said and he rubbed his hand on the back of his neck.

"Yeah, I thought you knew where he is."I glare at him and went to put my shoes on.

I wore socks last night since it was cold. I still had them on. Yeah, my parents don't turn to the heater on since it's a waste of gas and money will come through.

"I'm going out then. I have to text him and find him. What kind of father are you who doesn't care about his sons well being."I said and he glared at me.

"No stay so that the neighbors come, then you can go."

I tied my shoelaces and the got up opening the door.

"What if Hamid was hurt? Right, you never cared. You cared about what others thought about you but not about your own family. Keep sending your sister money."I said and walked out to the left to call my brother.

He wasn't answering at all. Why isn't he answering? I texted him and he didn't answer. I looked around and still remembered his friend's place.

"Hey, I was wondering if Hamid came to your place?"I asked as he shook his head.

"No, we all went to Lincoln's house last night."I stare at the boy and sighed.

"Can I have the address?"He nods as I hand my phone for him to write.

"I thought he came home because he left earlier than everyone else."He said and I shook my head.

"I thought he was home but my father said he wasn't,"I said and he nods handing my phone back.

"Hope you find him, oh and say hi for me to him. He's not getting my texts."

"Same with me,"I said and he closed the door.

I walked to find the address and stood at the house. I walked to the door and knocked to see another boy.

"Yes? Oh, Hamid's sister."

"Hello, is my brother with you?"I asked and he shook his head confused.

"He left early because he said your mom called."I nodded my head.

Seriously he left early, so where did he go? He wouldn't go anywhere at all without asking my parents.

"He went with Jacobs brother because Jacob was leaving early too."I stare at him with wide eyes.

"Do you know where he lives?"I asked and he nods pointing up the hill.

"His house has a green garage."

"Thank you so much,"I said and started running up the hill and once I did I took a deep breath.

I looked around to see a green garage. I walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A man opened and smiled.

"Hello? Is Hamid here?"I asked and he nods smiling.

"Yeah, Who are you?"He asked me as I saw my brother smoking.

"Hamid, your smoking!"I ran to him and he looked at me shocked.

"What are you doing here?"He asked me and I pulled his ear like my mother does.

"Is this what our parents taught you? Is this what I kept you safe for!"I asked him and he groaned.

"And you two, you guys are older and mature. Why would you let him do this."I said and the guy kneeled down to me.

"He asked for it."

I glared at this guy. Seriously, they'll listen to anyone and anything. Why did my brother get into this?

"So if I asked you to jump off a cliff, would you?"I glared at him and he held my chin hard with his hand.

"Don't give me that attitude young lady or else..."I stare at this man who was angry.

"Or else what, it's been said to treat a young lady with respect and your acting like a dick."I pushed his hand off my chin.

"I won't say anything that happened here, but I'm taking my brother home,"I said taking the weed off his mouth and gave it back to him.

"How much?"I asked him and the man stared at me sighing.

"Just take him, but before you go."He smirked and came closer touching my shoulder.

I kicked him in the shins and I grabbed my brothers arm and took him out of the house. I made him run down the hill and see a park. We hid behind a bathroom.

"I will kill you later,"I whispered as he groaned like he was drunk.

Which he was.

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