Chapter 36

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Set Fire To The Rain | Adele

"She's just tired. She'll be fine."I heard and open my eyes slowly.

"Good afternoon. How are you feeling?"I nod and slowly sat up on my own pushing away hands.

"Well seems like your a tired, stop staying up late like my son. He seriously keeps making me wake him up which annoys me."I stare at his mother as he glared at her.

"Don't you glare at me or I'll bring the chankla out and ready to hit you."He turned away and I stare at them both.

"Your mom said you didn't have food after you came home. And I guess since then you've never eaten. Did you eat this morning?"I shook my head and rubbed my eyes.

"Oh my husband is making some vegetable soup since your meat is cut a different way and we don't want to take anything from your home without your mom's permission."I nod and she smiled.

"I'm going to check on it, in the meantime. Maybe get caught up with your work! Right, Jin?"She glanced at him as he nods smiling.

"I'll be back."She said and left while I heard a sigh.

"You scared me."I turned to my side and see my brother Hamid with a sad face.

I didn't mean to. I just didn't want to be in this generation where people have fun bullying instead of helping people with destructions or fight for cancer.

"I'm sorry. I guess I was studying for the ACT I forgot this sleep."I said softly and heard a whine.

That was true. That's why I didn't sleep. I was worried that if I didn't start early I was going to fail.

"Seriously! You need to turn your nerdy brain off and get some sleep!"I glared at Jin while he had a goofy grin.

"I'm going back to sleep. Don't bug me."I said and laid back down onto my bed.

I fell asleep feeling like I am taking away my existence and life.


"Sara?"I heard my mother and she sighed looking at my state.

"Why didn't you just get off of your bed and go to school? Like a normal child. Not like this."

I was taken back what she said. Yes, she says a lot of things about my look just to annoy me. But I've never heard this one before.

"I should've sent you to the mental hospital when I had a chance. You're going back to your five-year-old state again. Just do whatever you want. I don't care anymore."I stare at her closing my door and I sighed.

I feel empty and numb. Which means I don't feel like crying. It did hurt but not that much. I've heard a lot and enough from others and myself.

So why would I want to listen to someone when I can just tell that to myself every day.

I'm such a disgusting human being. I should've just died when I had the chance. I wish I could go to a mental hospital and maybe die there.

How would everyone like it? It would be nice, wouldn't it? I think it's the best place for me to become crazy and not see anyone but myself every single day.

I heard the doorbell ring and sighed. I heard footsteps near my door and I just laid there looking at the wall.

"Sara come on! Get up!"I felt pulled from my arms to see Hamid.

"You can't just lay in bed all day!"I looked at him as I heard someone else come in.

"Sara, is something wrong?"

I got up and rubbed my eyes walking out of my room to the bathroom. I just locked the door and stared at the mirror.

I'm ugly with or without makeup. I am disgusted and horrifying. I am ugly.

I pull my hoodie on and wash my hands. I got out and walked downstairs to the living room. I turned on the tv and watch something on it.

I'm bored and out of my mind. All these things have gotten over my head. I'm having a terrible headache.

I put my head on the arm of the couch and grabbed a pillow to hug. I was watching Phantom.

"Do you want anything Sara?"I flinch and turned to see my father.

"I'm fine."He sighed and put some chips on the coffee table.

"Please eat something okay."He said and I nodded looking back at the movie.

"Out of all the Hindi movies my favorite one was the one you showed me. What was that called?"Hamid asked me with a smirk.

"Gabbar is back,"I say emotionless and quietly.

"What are you watching?"He asked sitting on the couch beside my feet.

"Phantom,"I said and he nods grabbing my leg to massage.

"Your legs are boney compared to the sweats your wearing."I nod and looked at the movie seeming it would be surprising.

"Sara since your awake, why don't you go clean the kitchen?"I heard mother and I got up slowly.

I went to her and she glared at me holding a mop. Why is she being so mean today? She's usually not like this.

"All the girls your age go to school and do the housework. And what do you do! Sleep like it's free. I wish I didn't have a daughter like you!"She said in Urdu.

But why? Was it because she didn't want my brother to know. Or anyone else?

"What did you say?"I heard someone and turned to see my father.

"What I said was right."I grabbed the mop and glared at her.

"Oh, and you tell me I have no right to yell at a child! When you're BEING A HYPOCRITE AND DOING THE SAME THING!"

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see my father. I flinch and he frowned.

"Why don't I take care of it? Don't listen to your mother."I shook my head and continued to mop the floor.

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