Chapter 5

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Dusk Till Dawn | Zayn Malik & Sia

I took him back home slowly and opened the house door to see my mother staring at us.

"What happened to him?"I glared at her and looked down at my brother.

He broke my heart. He went to drink and smoke while I slept. Even when he kept talking about how his life sucked while we walked here.

"I don't know, ask father."I took my brother up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Take a shower, I'll bring you some clothes."He started dressing out and I closed my eyes turning.

I turned the water on and got out to go to his room and bring some clothes for him. I put them on the sink table and went downstairs.

"What are you doing?"

I heard someone ask since I honestly don't care who it was. I made some breakfast and looked up to see my father.

"That's none of your concern,"I said and glared at him walking ahead of him.

I walk up the stairs and put the breakfast in my brother's room on his desk. I saw him with his sweats down and his shirt upside down.

"Are you serious?"I asked him and he smiled looking at the food.

I put his sweats up and fix his shirt. I push him to his hair and made him eat.

"I'm tired."I glared at him and gave him his juice with a straw.

"Drink this,"I told him and he pouted at me then started drinking.

"I swear you are not hanging out with those boys again, understand?"I asked him and he nods eating.

"Did you eat when you were at the party?"He shook his head with his messy hair.

"I did eat a lot of cake and drank a lot of soda."I grab a towel and dry his hair nodding.

"Anything else?"I asked him and he shook his head eating.

I dried his hair and he finished eating. I took him back to the bathroom to brush his teeth. After that I made him get into his bed with his pickatu stuffy. I closed his window panels and smiled.

I moisturize his face with his favorite one. And then let him sleep. I pulled his blankets and he smiled.

I go take his tray and put slowly. I closed the door as he moved a little in his bed. I went down the stairs and to the kitchen to clean the dishes.

"What happened to your brother?"I heard my mother and sighed.

"Father allowed him to go to a party."She came closer and I looked at her eyes widen.

"And what?"

"He said you called him to come early. But he went to his friend's car. And the rest is for me to know."I said and she frowned.

"Really? Because I told your father to pick him up."I stare at her and sighed.

"Mother, I don't know, and I don't care anymore. He's home now and he's fine. Just take care of your husband."I said washing my hands.

"Don't say that."I dried it with a towel and took an apple to eat.

"He had a hard past."I stare at her and rolled my eyes.

"If he had a hard past, he should get help and change. The past is past, he can move on and forgive. It is hard to forget but that's a way to motivate himself not forget who we are."I told her and she sighed.

"Whatever, wake him up for lunch later."

She walked to the living room and I shook my head walking to the stool and sat looking at the kitchen table.

"When dad doesn't care about you, how can Allah care when the person who also created you, doesn't want you."

He does care, Allah does care. But the people who are created are not acting the way he wants to. It's not his fault.

Somehow I have to teach him this stuff again. I don't think he will listen either. He never does.

"I don't listen to people because what's the point when you can't even live your life."

I know how he feels. I've felt that way when I was a kid. I still feel that way. I know I've gone through it for a long time but I'm getting better.

Or I think I am.

"May I ask you if you're alright?"I turned to see Jin with a worried look.

"That's none of your concern, but thanks for asking."He sat next to me and looked at me.

"Are you sure? You could talk about it?"He asked me differently.

Am I sure? No, I'm sure I'm good. Why is he asking me that? And what's with him staring at me.


"Do you want anything?"I asked him and he nods smiling.

"Yeah, water. Your mom said you were here and to tell you that."

I got up and grabbed a clean glass and filled it with water. I hand it to him and he took it touching my skin.

That's was weird. What was that feeling? Astaghfirullah! I was touched twice today!

"Seems like our family is close? Don't you think?"I looked at him and sat down on the stool.

"Yeah, I guess,"I said and his phone rang up loudly.

"Sorry that's mine, I got to take it."I nod and he walked out with his phone ringing.


"Wake up!"I said to my brother who groaned and turned.

His eyes widen as he opened them and looked at me. Why is he looking at me like that?

"Did you tell them?"I shook my head as he sighed laying in his bed.

"I only told them you went out with a friend. Now get up mother bought pizza for lunch."I said as he jumped up and rubbed his hands through his hair.

I walked out and he followed me like a lost puppy. He smiled at the smell. He walked to the kitchen table and sat on the stool. He took a pizza and I held his arm.


"Alhumdillah."He said and I let his arm go smiling.

"Anything else?"He asked as he ate looking at me with an annoyed look.

"You should be gratefully your eating or you would've been kicked out,"I told him sitting next to him and leaning on the kitchen table.

"Yeah yeah."

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