Chapter 13

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I got home after I ate some Mac and cheese from El Pollo Loco. I only eat the side dishes and not the meat. It's not cooked right that's why.

She parked her car by the side of the house and got out. She opened the door and slowly got me out.

"Khala, I feel like throwing up,"I said and she stared at me.

"It's okay."She rubbed my back slowly and I groan with the feeling in my throat.

"Hello Jamila, Hello Sara."I stare at Jin's mother, Mrs.Isabella Dias.

I felt it coming closer and covered my mouth. She grabbed a paper bag inside her car and gave it to me. I threw up and groan as she rubbed my back.

"Is she alright?"

"She'll be fine."I heard my aunt say as she sighed.

"Come on let's go home."I groan and held the bag.

She helped me walk inside and I threw the bag in the garbage. I walked upstairs slowly and went to my room.

My aunt went to go see if my mother is home or if she could check where the juices are.

I took off my socks and laid on my bed. I coughed and closed my eyes from the pain. God, this is annoying.

"Do you want anything?"I heard Mrs.Diaz and shook my head.

"It's fine, thanks anyway."

My voice came raspy and starting to itch my throat. I coughed and see my Khala with some eggs.

"Take the evil eye out of your body!"She said and I rolled my eyes groaning.

She rubbed the egg around my head and grabbed a pencil from my desk. She just called out random names as Mrs.Diaz watched.

"Just go while you can, this family is crazy."She chuckles and sat on my chair staring at me.

"Now I got these dimes and bags. Hope it doesn't splash at me like last time."I sighed as she held it over my head.

She kept whispering words and names and I heard something crack. She stared at me and smiled.

"It's the lady from Masjid, Leena."

I just kept my eyes closed not caring what she's saying. She kept doing it until the last one hit me.

"Your father, your mother, and your father's aunts all out Nazar on you."I shook it off and hugged my small pillow.

I already knew about my father's aunts love to put Nazar on me. But my parents. I never knew that. Why would they do that? To their own daughter?

"Is something going on between you and your parents?"I heard Khala ask me while I got out of my thoughts.

"There is nothing going on, Maybe you accidentally broke the egg,"I told her and she sighed.

"Maybe, now I'll go make you some soup. I'll throw these eggs away. Are those guys going to pick up the trash tomorrow?"I nod as I heard her leave.

"You guys have some weird stuff when it comes to things do you?"I open my eyes and looked at her.

"I don't really do these things. But my aunt does it because it seems fun. Supposedly, she thinks it could help. But I know it's just an egg."I said and she nods.

"I hope you feel better if you need anything just call us. We are neighbors, aren't we? Also maybe talk to my son, he can help out too. If he doesn't, tell me. That putta doesn't do anything at all."I chuckle and she smiled.

"I'll go see if your aunt needs help, seems like someone made a mess in the house."I nod and see her leave.

I saw the door close and sighed. I swear I don't feel too good. And yet my aunts talking about Nazar. I don't believe in the conspiracy with eggs.

I saw the door open and see my brother. He smiled and walked up to me.

"What do you want watermelon head?"I asked him annoyed.

"Where's mom? She said she was picking you up?"I sat up slowly confused about what he just said.

"What?"I asked him and he sighed sitting down on the side of my bed

"I said--."

"No I heard you once, don't say it twice. She didn't pick me up. She never answered her phone so Khala Jamila picked me up."I said as he frowned.

"Oh, are you going to school?"He asked me and I shook my head.

"Sadly, no. But just don't tell anyone I'm not. Or that I'm sick. Don't say anything."I said and he nods confused.

"I just don't want attention from it. It's better for me to be quiet and get better without a word."

"Makes sense since you don't tell but show later type a person."I covered my mouth with my hand and yawned.

I stare at my brother who pushed his index finger on my forehead. Making my head fall on my pillow.


I pushed him away from me. He stared at me as he got up and frowned.

"You're annoying go away!"I told him and he laughed coming closer.

"You know you love me."I covered my head with my blanket and coughed.


"Seems like your mother will be coming home, I should get back home."Aunt Jamila said and kissed my cheek.

"I'll see you soon, Hamid you have school tomorrow!"I heard him groan and saw him go up the stairs.

"You eat and remember to take the pills to get better."I nod and watch her smile and leave the house.

I walk slowly and locked the door. I went upstairs to take my pills and heard a yell.


I heard my father yell and I closed my window quickly. I ran downstairs. I didn't hear him come in. Even when the house was quiet.

"Did you go to the hospital?"He asked me and I stared at him.

"Did you, or did you not?"I nod and he sighed pulling his hair with his hands.

I saw him grab something and see a spatula. Why is he so mad this year? He's been okay with everything. I think he's just tired and he can't control his anger anymore.

"Dad. What are you doing?"

I turned and my eyes widen. My brother stared at him and I turned my brother around.

"How about you go to sleep? Everything is fine. He's asking if I was alright."I said and he groaned going back up the stairs.

I sighed and stared at my father.

"Now I have to pay for your fucking bill too!"

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