Chapter 52

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Would You Let Me | Folded Dragons, ALACIA & ethanuno

"Aren't you going to go and practice?"He shook his head and smiled.

"I'd rather stay with you."I rolled my eyes and scoffed at him.

"So what happened this morning? You left us. I wanted to tell you during break but those
Baffles didn't even let me begin."I chuckle and nodded.

"Well, I walked to my bully,"I said and he stared at me as he frowned.

"I asked if she was okay. She was upset because of what happened. And she apologized even when I forgave her."I said and I looked at my sleeve to touch its hem.

"We are in good terms now. If you're wondering and you haven't met her."I said feeling a little itchy on my arm.

But that will hurt if I touched it. It's just deeper than before. And I'm scared someone will find out I did something.

"Are you happy?"I nod and smiled a little.

"Yeah. I mean one down. I used to have good memories with her. Until stuff happened. I guess things happen the way they are."I said and he sighed.

It was quiet after that. I didn't look at him but at my arm. It was covered since I was wearing a black sweater and purple trousers. And a black hat with rings with my black Adidas shoes.

I feel different around him. Why do I feel this way so much more than I ever felt? Is it because I was never loved or felt that love?

Nora said that he was the one and that I love him. But I just don't know. He makes me feel so confused and I don't even know how.

He confused me more than my calculus test. And I know no one can confuse me.


"Yes, Sara?"I frowned and felt his stare at him.

"About before... before I got interrupted twice,"I whisper and he hums.

"I --."I got cut off by the bell so I grabbed Jin's hand to stay.

"I'm not letting the bell dismiss me this time,"I told him and he looked confused.

When the bell dismissed, we usually leave. I didn't have a problem where the teacher held me in class.

"Tell me."He said in a hurry with a frown looking at me nervously.

"I really don't know what's going on with me. When I'm with you, I feel confused, comfortable and safe. I don't know why I get these weird tickling feelings in my stomach or my heart beating more than my Ap test exam that's coming up next week. Why am I feeling that you make me feel like I could sweat and feel like I ran a mile? My friend told me you were good for me. And that I actually liked you. But I'm still confused. Can you tell me what's going on and why do I feel like I'm going to fall on my knees for you?"I asked him and he stared at me with wide eyes.

"You never felt this way before?"I shook my head and frowned.

"No, it's weird and sometimes I feel like you could make me feel better just by looking at you or being with you. Why is it that when you touch me I feel weird? Is it normal?"I asked him and he gulped.

"Answer me, is it bad?"I asked him and he smiled at me.

"Oh Sara, you're in love. You just confessed."I stare at him and bit my lip.

"Really, okay I'll go tell Jimmy,"I said and his eyes widen in pain.


I got up and took his hand up. I didn't want him hurt but why is he hurt? I'm going to tell Jimmy? Why can't I tell the others? I smiled and went to the door.

"Come on, I have to tell Jimmy that I love you!"I said and he stared at me in a sigh in relief.

"Oh, and I need to tell them I did well! Should I tell my father too? Or no?"I asked as he fake smiling at me.

"Whatever you like."I nodded as we went to get off the theater and then the choir room.

I walked to the area right by the library and saw them. I waved while I smiled.

"How did it go?"Cody asked and I give him a thumbs up.

He won't care.

And this voice is back. Again. Gosh, this voice won't leave me alone.

"I did well!"I said and looked at Jin as he smiled.

"Somethings up, what's going on?"Jimmy asked with a smirk and I point at him.

"I love him and I agree,"I said and Jimmy gasps at me.

"My innocent sister! What did you say?"He asked me and covered my ears.

I stare at Jin confused as he laughed pushing Jimmy's hands away. Fransisco smiled at me and pat my head.

"Got to go blast. I need to meet my teacher or she'll call my mom and trust me. You don't want to go there."Fransisco whispers and walked away looking at his phone.

"I'm going to go to class to bug a friend. And read about China! Bye!"

I watch Jimmy leave after he pats my head. I looked at Jin confused and he shook his head.

"Let's go grab something to eat."I nod and went the canteen but turned my head.

I saw Samuel and his friends looking at me with a smirk. I push my glasses and turned my head back. Should I tell Jin what's going on?


I looked to see Nick and he smiled at us then looked at me. I moved my hand to Jin's shirt and held it.

"I'm having a party this Friday, would you guys like to come?"I gulped and looked at Jin then Cody who frowned at me.

"We will see,"Jin told him with a smile but didn't even look down to notice me.

"Okay, I'll see you later."He said and I felt a hand on my hip then getting closer to my bum quickly.

I froze and my eyes widen. I looked at the boys who walked in and turned back to see Nick smirking.

Should I really tell him?

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