Chapter 9

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I walked to the bus stop and stared at the sky. The clouds were purple and pink while the sky was blue. I heard someone yell and see my brother.

"Sara you need to come home now."I looked at him confused and he pulled my wrist.

"It's mom."I nod and ran with him back home to hear nothing.

I walk inside as the door creaked. We seriously need to buy a new door.


"I'm here, I'm taking you both to school today. I have a job interview later."I stare at her confused as my brother stared at me.

"Job interview? Since when?"I asked her and she sighed with a sad smile.

"Your dad has an idea I should get a job since I speak good English. And I agreed. The bills are spreading and we might live on the streets tomorrow. And hey we could move soon too."I stare at her smiling and grabbing her keys.

"This is what you asked me to come for?"I asked him and he nods sighing.

"It's weird."

I just looked at her and walked to the garage. I got into the car and so did my brother, in the back. I stare at my mother next to me moving the car back and closing the garage.

"Did father do something last night?"I asked her as she shook her head.

"No, why would he? He's your father."I rubbed my temples and I turned to my brother who mumbled.

"Somethings up."I nod and turned my head back to the road.

She drove us to school and dropped us off. She left and I looked at my brother.

"Something is definitely up, Father never allowed mother to get a job,"I said and he nods.

He never did, he said he was the man of the house anyway. And back then my mother didn't know English that well. Until we spoke it and she started to learn.

"We didn't ask what job she's getting."I sighed tiredly and pat his back.

"Why don't we eat breakfast at break time? They don't have nothing nice today. It's pork."I said and he nods.

I walked to the canteen and sat down with my brother either confused or shocked.

"Do you think dad did anything? I mean he could do anything?"I shook my head.

"Let's forget it and be happy for her. I mean she's finally getting a job."

It's true. Mother wanted a job since she could remember. She never wanted to be a housewife that long. She said we were little and she needed to take care of us. Now we are old and can take care of ourselves.

And I am old enough to take care of my brother now. Including making food and watching for predators. I didn't say that. It was my mother.

"Hey, didn't see you both in the bus stop, I waited to see if you guys were late or something. But looks like you came early."I heard and turned to see Jin.

"Oh hey,"I said and Hamid frowned looking at his phone.

"My mother gave us a ride today,"I said and he sat next to us smiling.

"Really. I mean I've always seen you guys take the bus."I stare at him with my eyes furry.

"You're stalking us?"I asked him and he laughed at me.

"No I walk to the bus, I know everyone in there."I stare at him and then smiled.

"Alright, I was just joking,"I said and he looked at my brother.

"I got to go, my friends called me."I looked behind and saw Jacob.

"No, you're not going,"I said in a stern tone and he gulped.

He doesn't know that Jacobs twin other brothers are hiding with him. I don't want him to get hurt again.

"I mean, you could stay here. I mean we don't want anything to do with those friends, right?"I bit my lip as he stared at me.

"Oh, right. I'll just go to the library and play some Uno with the guys."I stare at him and nod.

"Yeah...just go there."

He got up and went to the other door behind me. I look at the guys and they went out too. My eyes widen and I heard a voice.

"Do you think this shirt is okay?"I turned to look at Jin who's pinching his redshirt.

"Y...yeah."I gulped and shiver a little from the fear.

"Do you want to go outside and walk? Before class start?"I asked him and he nods with a small pout.


I got up with him and walked outside to see the boys looking around. I stare at Jin who looked through his phone. I walked behind him slowly which the bell eventually rang.

"See you in physiology."I nod as he walked to his Drama class.

He takes drama since he says he needs art. Just like me. Besides, I'm not good at singing but he's a really good actor.

I walked to my class and saw Melissa. I waved but she turned around. What's going on?

I've been friends with them since freshman year. And they haven't ignored me or left me at all. We always stocked together. Somehow their actions make me think they just want to hang out without me.

I walked inside the class and got to my seat to see Mary. She waved at me and I waved back.

She's just someone I used to talk to during lunch and break. We did have classes back then. We are still friends. We do talk. But not a lot since we don't have to same break or lunch.

It's on the phone or in this class. That's all. The other bell rang and I saw Melissa sit in her seat completely ignoring me.

Mary stared at me with a frown and I shook my head. She thinks she knows what's up to.

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