Chapter 60

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Fireworks | Katy Perry

"Happy birthday to you!"I turned to see Jin and the guys smiling at me.

I looked down to see Jin holding a cake and the guys held presents. What are they doing? I thought they left to go their vacation.

"Why are you all here?"I asked them and they stared at me confused.

"Did you not want us to?"Jimmy asked and I rolled my eyes.

"I thought you guys left to your vacation already."I said and Jin smiled.

"No, we are actually staying."

"Oh hello boys."My father said as he held the movie tickets smiling.

"Hello Mr... I mean Adam."He shook his head smiling.

"Just call me dad. I honestly don't care but don't call me Mr. it makes me seem old."I smiled and he gave me the tickets.

"You bought extra?"I asked him and he smirked pointing at the boys.

"They told me they were coming, they wanted to surprise you."I stared at them and pout.

"That wasn't surprising, you guys just confused me."I said and Cody laughed then stared at me emotionless.

"Cut the cake."I shook my head with a unpleasant look.

"I don't celebrate my birthday. And you better have receipts for those gifts."I said and Jin chuckled.

He pulled my arm and I was out of the kitchen stool to the cake.

"Make a wish or something."I look at Jimmy as he jumped smiling.

This guy has so much energy and he's just insane. I swear he reminds me of my brother at four. Four I tell you!

"Wait!"I saw my mother come with a camera and my brother with a birthday hat.

"SARA!"I felt someone hug my leg as I looked down to see Breanna.


I saw everyone look at me and I looked at them confused. Why did their parents and siblings come? It seems like I'm having my birthday even if I didn't like it.

"Happy birthday to you."I hear them sing and I looked at Jin confused.

What am I supposed to do? Everyone is just smiling at me. And that's not normal!

I looked and saw Jimmys baby sister. My eyes widen and looked down.

"Make a wish, and blow the candles because it's melting."I rolled my eyes.

'I hope for a great future all of us, inshallah.'

I blew the candles and saw a knife by me. I gulped and grip it. I slice the cake and frowned.

"Now can I go? The movie starts in like twenty minutes."I said and Jin chuckled.

"Don't you laugh at me young man!"I said and he shook his head putting his hands up in defense.

"Jin will drive you there."I nod and Breanna jumped up and down.

"I'm eating all the cake and your not!"She told Jimmy as he glared at her.

"Don't worry I'll save you all some, now get out!"I glared at my brother as he smirked.

"Where do we put these?"I rolled my eyes and tried not to groan.

They are taking forever! I probably won't make it to the movie and if I don't I'll be sad. If I'm sad, I'll have to worst day of my life and if that happens I'll probably wait till next year to have a perfect life.

"Let's go."

I walked out and went with them to Jin's car. I sat by him. Which was shotgun. I frowned as we put our seatbelts on. He started to drive the car and I knew we were late.

But no we weren't. Somehow I knew a freaking short cut and I kept explained to them where the hell I was supposed to go. Maybe because there was a Jack in the box there and I really love their French fries. But don't forget their curly fries are good too.

We made it and I got out to walk inside. I saw the boys getting in. They went to buy snacks. Which I followed.


"I'm...I'm pretty amazed."

I smiled and bop my head slowly remembering the songs even though I listened to it every second. 'KALANK' is my life!

"So what do we do now?"Cody asked as I looked at the sky.

"Wow."I said and see the fireworks outside playing then felt a hand on mine.

This is amazing. I feel that way right now. He's done so much and I'm so thankful for that. I'm thankful for Everything Allah has brought me.

I wouldn't know what I would do without Allah or anyone beside me. I was stupid to think of all those things. And I regret a lot but I learned from them. And I'm thankful.

"Thank you."I said and he looked at me with a confused.

"Thank you for helping me, and staying by my side when I needed it the most and for making me happy when no one else could. Even if I had those moments where I could never believe you and those times where I was stupid."I said and he removed his hand from mine them smiled.

I felt an arms around me and felt both my hands held by. I smelled his cologne. It smelled really nice compared to my mother who would spray it all over the house or the boys wearing to much.

"I should be the one thanking you."I looked up at him confused and he smiled looking at the sky.

"You brought me something I never knew about. You gave me an idea and a way of how life should really be because reality has changed and I can't follow what others have become. I can't do things that make feel like I look happy but I wasn't. You found me peace. And that's why your special for me to stay by your side forever."I smiled and held his hand looking at them.

"My brother wasn't joking when he said I had small hands. I mean look at my feet. I have to go to kids section to get shoes."I said and he laughed.

"But they look so cute!"I looked at his ring and mine together smiling.

"GUYS LETS GO SHOPPING."Jimmy said and I frown.

The shopaholic is back.

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