Chapter 16

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Invisible | Anna Clendening

I'm so thankful for Mary talking to me. It's been a really long time. See both of my other friends finished high school last year. So, talking to them is a lot hard since they are so focused at school.

I didn't talk to the girls since they had the audacity to say those things. Which actually hurt. It's kinda traumatizing hearing it over and over again. By a lot of people.

It just hurts knowing that they may have lied just to stop using me. But I'm not sure. Only Allah knows.

"So we left that bitch."I heard and turned my head to see Olivia with my friends.

"Good, now just follow me. And maybe hang out with me. So she could get angry and mad."She laughed and I hid behind the wall.

"I think we should just bring her memories back? It would best for her to feel the worst."I closed my eyes as I heard their voices.

"Of course, what a perfect torture! By the way. Let's go my moms here to pick us up."I turned my body and went inside the bathroom next to me.

I hid and saw them leave the other way. I walked out and wiped a small tear from my eyes. I walked to the bus and got in. I sat in the front and hugged my bag.

I go on my phone and see Mary's message.

Mary: Hey, Do you remember the questions we have to do? I left my sheet in her class and forgot to grab one before my parents picked me up.

Me: Yeah I'll send it to you when I get home.

Mary: Thanks.

Mary: And hey, why was Olivia hanging out with your girls.

Me: They aren't my girls anymore and I guess never were.

Mary: Did they do shit? If they did I got your back.

Me: Nah, actually I think it's best if we don't interact with them.

Mary: Right, like a sneaky snake. Your flexible right?

Me: Yeah.

Mary: Oh is it alright if we both meet at the park?

Me: Yeah, down or up?

Mary: Down.

Me: Alright after I get home I'll come by.

Mary: Let's just do our homework out there and maybe have a little hang out again.

Me: Yeah.

The bus stopped and I got out. I walked to the house and grabbed a snack. I went back out and walked to the park. I saw her and smiled.

"Yo, my favorite snacks. You remember."

Her favorite snacks were Doritos Ranch. Just like mine. Honestly, I also love the Nacho one too!

"Anyways. Anything up with those girls?"She asked me and I nod while we went to sit.


"Wow, you've been played."I nod and she wrote the work.

"I think they are crazy. Psychopaths? I mean to have their parents checked on what their children have been doing?"I sighed shaking my head.

"I got your back, you know that."

"I know that, now focus on this sheet. I've heard her say this was going to be on the test Monday."She ponders and whined.

"I hate myself for choosing that class."I rolled my eyes and packed my notebooks into my backpack.

"It's getting dark, just keep the questions since I finished the homework,"I said as she smiled.

"Are you going to prom? Or because of your religion?"She asked me and I bit my lip a little cold.

"My religion has nothing to do with it. But I think it's best if I shouldn't go."I said as she nods smiling.

I got up putting my backpack on my back. She put her stuff away and I wait for her. She stood up smiling and we walked out of the park.

We talked a lot about our past and how much we missed it. Eventually, she walked the other way back home. So I walked by myself. I put my earphones in and walked in the dark.

Did she make it safely?

I grabbed my phone and went to her messages. I texted her and she didn't respond.

Me: Hey? Tell me when you made it home?

It's not that the neighborhood area here is bad. It's just sometimes, things happen. You don't know where, when, how or why. You might think it's a safe place but then it won't be.

I recite my Dua's in a mumble as I felt my phone vibrate on my hand.

Mary: Yeah, did you?

Me: Almost.

Thank Allah she's alright. I inshallah hope I make it safely back home.

I put my phone in my jacket pocket and put my hands inside. I cover myself into a hug and sighed. Seeing my own breath.

It got cold out of a sudden. Global warming is a problem and yet they do see it. The thing that's important is 'building a wall'. Which isn't true.

Not only Global Warming but also other things. Like health coverage, people who are living on the streets. People who need saving and help. And a bunch of food supplies. Not a wall.

If he wants a wall he should look at one instead. Because he thinks that's important.

I felt something went on my head. It was hard. I looked up and saw it was starting to run. The reason why I'm taking long is because I'm walking slow.

And my house is like right by the park. So I'm just taking a different way. Maybe to calm myself down before getting home.

But once I made it I opened to see my mother in an angry look.

"I went to study, I don't have homework, now let me rest,"I said as she pulled my ear and I groan.

"You're in trouble."

I saw my father sitting there like he was waiting for a meeting. He pointed at the chair in front of him. I sat as he stared at my mother.

"You go back to work, I have to talk to her about getting another job."She nods and left to the garage.

I looked at my father as he held a metal. Almost like it was on heat for long.

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